Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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PostSubject: Yamigakure   Sun Jan 24, 2016 6:15 pm

Village History

Yamigakure, located in the land of moonlight. Its always been a dark place. Story goes, it was founded by a group of 3 bandits; Reiji (the leader) Tomi (the brains) and Gorechi (the rebel. Together the 3 of them where able to steal pretty much whatever they put their minds to. They constantly took look from many villages and decided to settle somewhere to guard it. The bandits had a 3 person vote between the 3 of them with everything, from Laws to who they would let in. Eventually many people began to settle within their encampment, as it grew to become bigger than any village in the Land of Moonlight. They called themselves Yamigakure, or The Village of Darkness. The village was built around evil. As they had rules, but not near as many as other villages. Yamigakure’s villagers would gang up on other village’s capturing their chakra users with pure bukijutsu. They would make them prisoners and force them to teach ninjutsu, genjutsu, fuinjutsu. To only kill them all with their own techniques. After many years of ruling tension began break out multiple times between Tomi and Gorechi, and Reiji always had to fix it up. Everyone knew Reiji was the leader, even Gorechi knew it. Gorechi being the rebel he was knew he couldn’t be Gorechi 1v1 but he knew he could beat Tomi. Gorechi came up with a plan. To kill Reiji and fight Tomi to the death. As he thought the plan worked. He poisoned Gorechi’s food leaving him to die although Reiji knew he had a target on his back. He left a will stating he would want Tomi, within hours of killing Reiji, Tomi was decapitated by Gorechi in broad daylight. From then on no one dared have the balls to stand up to Gorechi. He ruled his village in pure fear, and no one dared to over step him, they called him Yamikage. Gorechi soon had a son named Waishi, if Gorechi ever died that would become his successor. 20 years pass as there was an attack . Ichibi no Kimera, Hachibi no Hydora, and Kyuubi no Okami ganged up to kill the whole village. Gorechi fought with all of his might to keep the village from pure destruction but it was inevitable, as he died in the process. His son Waishi would fight using his curse mark sealing to fend the demons off for 2 days as the village was destroyed. Waishi would take the Reigns as the third Yamikage. Ruling in complete fear just as his father, but this time. The village made 3 times the recovery within 15 making the village stronger than all the others, and power hungry as ever. But you can only be so greedy.. right?
Yamigakure is more near the south pole of the map. 5000 feet below sea level due to the explosions from the tailed beasts. It is surrounded by trees, also covered with a dark mist formed by the village’s guards. Only the byakugan can see through this mist. So be careful.
The climate of Yamigakure is rather cold. Every breath is icy and dark. This is why the villager’s are always wrapped up and not revealing much clothing. They hunt fish for food and wear things such as bear skin. They get just enough fruits and vegetables from trading with Seishigakure.
The Sandaime Yamikage, Waishi Kento was killed when he tried to stop Okami Uchiha from sealing the Nine-Tails within himself. Now, Goken has taken over as the Yondaime Yamikage in hopes that the village will begin to prosper under a more positive rule.
Shinobi list.
A rather big village with a huge supply of shinobi
Genin: 500
Chuunin: 1500
Special Jounin: 750
Jounin: 1000
Anbu: 120
Clan list

Civilian population
5000 people
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