Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Walking the Dog

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Akataka 'Potatokun'

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PostSubject: Walking the Dog   Thu Feb 09, 2017 5:42 pm

“So essentially even though you need to train your individual techniques you could help me out with Jikukan?” Akataka asked the static shadow in front of him incredulously. That seemed to be a tall order to fill, though the young Kugeki had seen these guys fill tall orders before. Still, the mysteries of time and space were no small thing and without a show it was illogical not to trust it. Luckily for the sake of time Akataka was not always the most logical person but as of late he did err on the side of his deductive judgment.
“Yes you short lived lummox” Zagan snorted while moving his forelimbs up in the air and stomping them back down one after another as if he was trying to square off with the much larger human.
“Alright, alright settle down ya goof, that form is too adorable for shows of aggression” Akataka said gleefully holding in his chuckling. Clearing his throat the ninja became serious “So, how do we do this?” It was a good question in his mind; he did not understand how Zagan could teach him without teaching him techniques.
“Simple; I’ll just tell you how your universe works; its knowledge will easily help you advance your mastery over the use of Jikukan. These facts are not known by many of your kind, secrets that will not be understood for hundreds of years. You cannot share these facts with anyone who has not signed the contract with us; we do not like to share with those outside our family. The world you inhabit is just a small portion of your plane, and your plane is just a small portion this universe which is one of innumerable realities that exist. Once you understand that and agree I can tell you the intricate secrets to your understanding of your own reality” as Zagan spoke he sat on his hind legs as he shimmered in and out of existence his calm tones echoing in both Akataka’s ears and his mind.
The ninja from Yamigakure did not mind keeping the information secret, he always could keep one after all having grown up as someone who most ignored thinking his blindness kept him from understanding. The reality of his existence was rather underwhelming however, faced with what Zagan called a fact Akataka was now upset with how little his existence could ever matter. When his world was smaller he did not mind having done nothing, existing was proof enough but now…
The acceptance came quick and as he was in a state of growing already it spread through the young Kugeki, the only problem came from a blow to his newly developed and fragile ego. If it had not been deflected onto his past self he may have stopped right there but since Akataka wanted to make the change he strode forward and accepted his reality with a vengeance vowing to make an impression in his own way. He knew it would be hard but he also knew that it would be worth it.
“Yeah I understand and I will not tell anyone who has not signed the contract” Akataka said with a slight grin, eager to learn what wonders awaited him from this mysterious being.

“I have already seen this happen so let us hurry and get this over with…” Zagan saif in a huff as if his self loathing came from his numerous abilities.  He then proceeded to tell the ninja about the many secrets of Time and Space, the governing forces of the realm they lived within. The knowledge he imparted gave Akataka more skills in Jikukan and advanced him to the next level.


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Walking the Dog
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