Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Leaves of Change

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Akataka 'Potatokun'

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PostSubject: Leaves of Change   Thu Feb 09, 2017 6:47 pm

It was time to train something other than his chakra and his mind now, it was time to finish the trifecta and train his body. Akataka returned once again to the training grounds this time in order to advance his skill in the art of Taijutsu. This would require more than his normal exercises with weights and cardio, he would not be running or lifting a thing, instead the young ninja planned on shadow boxing.
Akataka had no need to set up a mirror, instead he would simply be able to tell exactly what he was doing by listening to the echoes of his actions off of the trees surrounding the training grounds he stood in. It was going to be extremely simple for a Kugeki to do with their enhanced senses, as such Akataka was highly prepared for this session and he planned on honing his attacks and hopefully learning something new about his own body. While he had been in it for nineteen years he certainly had not been paying attention to it for all that time, so there were still some secrets left to be found even after his earlier training. The ninja was shooting to be an expert in Taijutsu and that would require some doing.
Launching into a flurry of moves Akataka experienced no delay in the echo thanks to the blood that gave him his enhanced senses. That combined with his own scent mapped him out better than any human eye ever could, including the doujutsus of the proud clans. This allowed him to see every fiber of his muscle move as he did and allowed him to understand which muscle was responsible for what actions and how it would move for each, it was an extremely enlightening experience and Akataka felt rather silly for not thinking of doing so earlier in his ninja career. It was like taking off your sunglasses at a dingy bar, and the world opened up for him to view. Thanks to the majesty of the moment and a nearby bakery Akataka would always remember this when he smelt cinnamon buns roasting in an oven.
Suddenly ways to shorten his movements and maximize his efficiency flowed into the mind of the ninja, he began formulating ideas for jutsus at a quick pace and rejoiced in this experience. The blind teenage wore a smile upon his face as he gathered up the various equipment he had used. Differing resistance bands, various forms of obstacles, training dummies of differing sizes, and many more. All in all the set up and dismantle had been longer to get through than the understandings Akataka had gained through his training. Perhaps that was the level or amount of joy he gleamed from the activity, the ninja did not know and at his current level had no way of knowing.
Still after he had completed the take down he had a feeling of incompleteness, in that moment he noticed a young child playing with a couple dolls near the edges of the tree line outside of the training grounds. With an eerie feeling he rushed into action running forward before he heard the subtle beginning cracks of a tree beginning to fall, and from what he could hear it was on a collision course to crush the girl playing beneath it. Without even thinking Akataka Kugeki rushed between the girl and the tree with speed he did not know he possessed. Lifting his arms up with strength he did not have before he held the tree above with ease as the girl looked on in fear.

"Don’t forget your dolls little one” Akataka calmly said with a smile, making sure his bangs covered his pale milky orbs so the child would not fear. With a simple nod the small human gathered her dolls up and shuffled off home with a couple glances backwards making sure her savior did not get hurt by the tree. He did not, in fact as soon as the girl was clear; he set the tree down next to himself with a huff. Finally his training was complete.

<600 WC Complete, Expert Level in Taijutsu - Traditional>

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Leaves of Change
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