Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Karura Clan BL & Element

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PostSubject: Karura Clan BL & Element   Sat Feb 11, 2017 9:01 pm

Name: Torikami (鳥神, literally Bird God)
Clan: Karura
Appearance: See below.

Basic Abilities
Those with the most basic stage of the bloodline gain one or more bird-like traits or instincts. At least one is required for a character of this clan. These personality traits are as follows: greed, curiosity, extravagance, flamboyance, predatory instincts, and motherly instincts (females only). These personalities often evolve into habits or hobbies like spying, stealing, hunting, and child care bordering on, or going as far as, obsessive. Those who transplant DNA for this bloodline must choose two or more of these personality traits.

By focusing Chakra into their shoulder blades the Torikami can grow or retract a pair of bright white feathery wings. These wings can be used as any other part of the body. Flight is slow and dangerous at first until at least 1,500 words have been spent learning to fly, at which point they gain +10 speed boost.

Upon becoming a Ningen no Tori the user develops real physical wings; only those with the kkg can achieve this level.[/size]

Ningen no Tori (人間の鳥; literally Human Bird)
Those who have learned Feather Release as an element may further expand upon this bloodline and begin to tap into the true potential locked away within. Those wishing to become Ningen no Tori must write 2,000 words practicing Feather Release to manifest their chakra as physical wings. At least 60 natural Chakra is required to accomplish this.

Those achieving this level of Torikami will find that their wings are given physical form with the same white feathers as their mane, granting them a +20 speed boost and allowing them to achieve their max movement speed instantly upon activation. The Torikami also find that their arms, halfway past the elbow, are now scaly and hard as are their fingernails which turn black and grow 6 inches long, granting +20 durability. Speed boosts from this bloodline do not stack with other speed boosts from this bloodline.

Garuda no Bijon (ガルーダのビジョン; literally Garuda’s vison)
In order to reach the final stage the Ningen no Tori user must find and defeat the White Garuda, a six foot seven inch Brahminy kite, and force it to pledge it's eyes to the victor until death. Loss results in blindness, as the user's own eyes were wagered. The White Garuda nests in the mountains, but is elusive to all but the Torikami, who may speak with it freely. It has 300 total stats as well as the abilities from Ningen no Tori and Garuda no Bijon, including the bonus speed (meaning it can become an anthropomorphic bird).

Only one person can be in possession of the White Garuda's eyes at a time. The current owner of Garuda no Bijon must be slain for the eyes to return to the White Garuda where they may be challenged for normally. The battle goes on until either party becomes unconscious or dies. Upon death a regular Brahminy kite will become the new White Garuda, in a process similar to finding the Avatar. The White Garuda must be NPC'd by a mod.

Few Torikami have achieved this. Garuda no Bijon manifests as hawk-like eyes with golden pupils and black irises when activated, a form of Dojutsu. The user gains +30 chakra when using the eyes.

In addition, the eyes grant +60 perception while active and allow the user to see things in full detail as far as two miles away, but not through objects. Those with transplants can not reach this level. The eyes also can not be taking from a human Garuda and be given to a Ningen no Tori.
Requirements: Karura DNA


Name: Feather Release
Parent Elements: Wind, Light
DNA Required: Karura
Description: See Below.
Feathers are infused with chakra and then purposefully shed from the Torikami, causing the feathers to drift to the ground. The feathers emit a soft white glow while infused and the soft edge forms into a sharp blade that allows the feather to cut someone when manipulated to do so either telekinetically or through wind.

Advanced users can infuse the feathers with enough chakra for them to explode after touching another object. Ningen no Tori and above can make the feathers generate bursts of air on their own by making them vibrate. Feather Release can also be used to promote the growth of new Torikami feathers over short periods of time. Requires the Chakra Infusion skill as well as a natural 40 points in the Chakra stat to learn.
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PostSubject: Re: Karura Clan BL & Element   Sat Feb 11, 2017 9:06 pm

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Karura Clan BL & Element
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