Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Akuma Crow [FINISHED]

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PostSubject: Akuma Crow [FINISHED]   Sun Feb 26, 2017 9:13 pm

Akuma Crow
Aku-chan [Nickname]
Crow Reaper
Shinigami - Death God
Age: 13 years old.
Gender: Female.

Height: 5 feet 7 inches.
Weight: 58 kilograms.
Appearance: In terms of appearance Akuma looks exactly like one would expect for a Crow, pitch black hair veils her head and frames her face, her eyes are a luminous silver which at times can seem dull grey. Being one of the youngest Crows makes her quite small compared to her siblings and she can only really stand on equal grounds with her brother Shiro. Despite her youth she was raised from birth to be able to fight and kill, evident in her bodies unnatural flexibility, speed and natural abilities.

Akuma's clothing is rather Gothic, wearing all black and trimmed with red reinforces her Crow style with her pale skin, which is quite prone to sunburn being the major contrast of all her black.


Village: N/A
Character Rank: D-rank Genin
Clan: Crow Family
Element: Wind Release

Personality: Akuma is a quiet individual, introverted and prefering to watch than to join in. She tries not to talk that often and only really speaks when she is spoken to unless she deems it necessary. It is not that she is shy but a lot about Akuma is her silence, she is not a fan of making noise and likes silence and with this said she can be quite annoyed when everything is incredibly loud and irritating to her ears.

She is a person who likes to understand things, often making her seek out knowledge and learn from people. She likes to read and get better than what she already is resulting in a determined and persistent mind that sees a challenge where others might see an impassable obstacle. Despite her desire for self-improvement she is not ambitious, she doesn't seek to do great things or be better than everyone only herself.

Being a Crow makes her quite ruthless in combat, she has no qualms about killing her opponents or sacrificing teammates if they get in her way but despite this she doesn't throw life away without a reason, unlike a lot of her kin who kill just because it suits them and they can Akuma has a tactical and strategic mind that views things differently than a lot of people.

She tries to keep a lot of people away, and it isn't that difficult considering most people avoid her anyway, but Akuma likes to keep to herself and not let people see her vulnerabilities and personality, preferring people only saw the killer instead of the writer, girl or learner that she really was and in this way her personality is hidden behind the veil of being a killer.

Character History: Akuma is the most recent born child of Yuri and Indra Crow, she was raised like every Crow was. Conditioned through their ways and raised to be better than most physically were capable of being. Her older sisters Asura and Mei raised her mainly, since Indra was always away and Yuri had the clan to manage, Asura and Mei were her caretakers and as such she was raised by the two girls to be quite the skilled fighter from a young age.

From the age of four she was taught how to use a knife, Asura taught her speed and acrobatics to assist in her knife work while Mei taught her the art of poison and psychology. As she grew she became more and more dangerous until it came to her sixth birthday, a significant event for her family in which the child would be forced to fight against three armed opponents to the death, it was her rite of passage.

She was unarmed as the ritual went but despite that her skills where above average, her movements were the perfect counter to her opponents and Yuri believed she possessed the Cursed Eyes trait like he did. Despite Akuma's massive disadvantage the moment she killed the first opponent by opening up his throat with her hand it was all over for the other two for she now had a weapon.

Finishing them off quickly and without trouble Yuri wanted to teach Akuma himself, something none of the other children received from their father. It began with her fighting her older brother Shiro, who despite being an albino and freak of the family had quickly showed himself to be more powerful than any of his sisters and it was evident with his constant defeating of Akuma.

Despite that she wouldn't give up! It was her will to beat Shiro that drove her on, her training from Yuri made her better but she seemed to never be able to beat the famous White Crow that constantly took her down time and time again, when it finally came to the day that she beat Shiro at the age of nine she was given the opportunity to study a sacred text written by Crow Uchiha's children and her grandparents, the codex they had written about the art of death dealing.

When she was ten she found an artwork of a reaper with a photo of her father, becoming obsessed with the reaper she wanted nothing more than to possess a weapon like it, a scythe to use in combat and sure enough for her eleventh birthday she received her scythe, named Crescent Moon, it was designed by a Kijiya to be quite advanced and she trained with it constantly until the present day.

Her rise to genin had been initiated when she was sent to Yamigakure at the age of twelve, a single year before the death of Kento Waishi, she established her name as the Crow Reaper by slaughtering her entire class to be promoted during the last year of the former Yamikage's brutal exams despite not being a member of the village, because Waishi was in debt to the Crow Family she was allowed to enter the exams.
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PostSubject: Re: Akuma Crow [FINISHED]   Sun Feb 26, 2017 10:29 pm


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Akuma Crow [FINISHED]
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