Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Shikyo Tensai

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Shikyo Tensai
Shikyo Tensai

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PostSubject: Shikyo Tensai   Thu Mar 23, 2017 4:49 am

Name: Shikyo Tensai
Nickname: N/A
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Appearance: Shikyo is a little above the height of an average man at 6'2". He weighs about 210 pounds of mainly muscle. Shikyo has jet black hair that comes down to the middle of his forehead but is usually just hanging down and not down any specific way. He has light brown, serious piercing eyes that can be intimidating in the right light. He wears a more modern suit, a black jacket, black tie and black pants with an alternating colors button up shirts. He carries himself in a regal way as he is the leader of the Tensai clan after the death of his parents. Whenever he is out in the village or on a mission he has his headband on. When he is at the Tensai compound he doesn't wear it and leaves it by his gear. He only has one visible scar that everyone can see, a small scar on his chin. Under his shirt though he has multiple scars from extensive training in kenjutsu to perfect his swordsmanship as much as possible. Even though he has his scars, he isn't proud of them, seeing them as times he let a sword unnecessarily touch him and a blow to his pride. When he is out he carries two leg holsters on his right leg and a pouch on his right hip, the pouch being full of medical supplies. 

Village: Yamigakure
Character Rank: Genin
Clan: Tensai
Element: Lightning

Personality: Shikyo is a relatively serious, but still ambitious young man. As the current head of the Tenaai clan he tries to carry himself in a serious, mature and respectable fashion but sometimes his age will still show through with sarcastic comments. He strongly believes in the chain of command and following the orders of your superiors. Though he is doing a good job in leading the Tensai caln, he sometimes thinks that his abilities to lead them is inadequate, not sure if he can actually do it. Though he doubts himself when leading his clan, he doesn't doubt his abilities as a shinobi. He had to step back after graduating the academy due to the untimely death of his parents but his training never ceased, training privately at least once a day. Overall he is a very proud, determined and proud man and shinobi. He believes that you should take your job seriously and is a straight to the point kind of man. He doesn't beat around the bush and tells it straight how he sees it, even if that belief or idea is wrong and he stands firm, even accepting his belief is wrong if need be but unflinching in it.
Character History: Shikyo was born as the heir to the Tensai clan. He had an average life for the most part in his youth; school, training and fun with his friends. Like most in his position when he was 8 he enrolled into the Yamigakure Academy, did his 4 years and then graduated with good marks in his class. Everything changed a couple months after that when his parents died on a routine mission that wasn't supposed to carry any real threat. When that happened his life turned upside down, all of a sudden he was thrust into a very important position. Since that was the case he took a step back from his shinobi career to truly take the role of clan head serious. He stepped away for 4 years, now he has seen it fit to step back into his role as a Genin to try and progress his shinobi station. This was something tha was also advised to him by the clan elders.

During the time that he was not actively participating in missions as a shi
nobi he never stopped his training and preparing for his life outside of being a clan leader. He tried to perfect his abilities as a swordsman and his ninjusu, in the process unlocking his first elemental affiliation of Lightning. He works tirelessly whenever he can whenever he can to progress his skills in both fields as well as taijutsu, though he neglects his genjutsu unfortunately. Since he has just stepped back into being a shinobi he is trying to take the steps back gradually. Sometimes that just isn't the way it goes though as the life of a ninja is bound to be unpredictable and exciting at the same time.

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PostSubject: Re: Shikyo Tensai   Thu Mar 23, 2017 2:37 pm

Enjoy the Revolution~

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Shikyo Tensai
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