Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 The Tensai Clan

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Shikyo Tensai

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PostSubject: The Tensai Clan   Thu Mar 23, 2017 8:44 pm


Clan Name: Tensai Clan
Clan Image: See Above
Clan History: A ancent clan that dates back before the Sage of Six Paths they use to be a clan of strictly swordsmen. After the gift of Chakra they became even more powerful, though never abandoning their roots of kenjutsu and their swordsmanship. After Chakra became accessible to them they continued to be a wandering clan for many years before eventually settling in Yamigakure with permission from the Yamikage. 

The current Clan Head is Shikyo Tensai, the 20th Clan Head in their ancient history. His father was the 19th and a respected and feared Shinobi in the lands. The clan members developed large reservoirs of chakra through their intense drives to train and become stronger. This made it so that genetically each generation had a large chakra reservoir.

The Tensai clan has a natural belief and resepect for the chain of comman. This makes them great soldiers because though their ambitions range from member to member, they will always follow the orders of their superiors, even if they disagree with the order itself.
Clan Size: 10 PC~100+ NPC
Clan Appearance: Nothing sets them apart other then that they dress more modernly and in suits to have a look of professionalism to them. 
Clan Location: Yamigakure 
Clan's Reputation: Semi-Influential in Yamigakure. Our Clan is well known in the Village.
Clan Ability/KKg Description: Natural Affiliation to Lightning and Wind Chakra. Master of Kenjutsu. Immense Chakra.
Clan bonuses: Chakra Bonus, due to the blood of our ancestors we have an immense amount of Chakra, the leaders having the most to be able to use the Tensai no Ken a.k.a. Arashi no Ken.

Clan jutsus:
Name: Arashi no Senpu
Rank: B
Type: Kenjutsu with optional Ninjutsu
Element: Lightning or Wind
Range: Close
Description: The user draws their sword back to their hip and take the sha no kamae stance. Depending on if their are going to infuse their chakra with their blades they have to focus for a moment at least. Then they charge and swing once, but the opponent is hit by the sword on every side multiple times as the user stands behind the opponent. Can be a killing blow.
Requirements: Adept ninjutsu and chakra control
Advanced Kenjutsu skills.
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PostSubject: Re: The Tensai Clan   Fri Mar 24, 2017 9:18 am

How much of a Chakra bonus does your clan recieve?

I would also like to see a much cleaner description to your Clan's how is it able to attack from multiple points as well as what changes between adding chakra to the strike or not. I also do not see how the Wind or Lightning Releases are incorporated into this attack so I wouls like to see that as well. Very Happy Thank You for your time and Welcome to Ninja Revolution.
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The Tensai Clan
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