Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Rescued By an Unfamiliar Face... Mugetsu receives an Unusual Request?

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PostSubject: Rescued By an Unfamiliar Face... Mugetsu receives an Unusual Request?   Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:46 pm

Mugetsu would leap up from his restless sleep, the last thing he could remember was fighting the powerful and mysterious enemy who had attacked the Chunnin Exams, that man was capable of throwing Mugetsu easily threw several buildings and had Mugetsu not jumped back from his fist he would surely be dead.  In any case the man would raise from his bed frantically, it was clear that he was in a hospital but how did he get hear and how long?

Observing the room around him all he could see was was tents filled with other paitents harmed in the attack but what was even more confusing was a woman sitting in a chair directly next to Mugetsu's bed. She was truly beautiful, her shimmering and long silver hair had been one of the few things that had distracted him from her rosy red almost caramel skin.

What was she doing here? Did she know Mugetsu, she couldn't have. This was a completely different village and had anyone like her been living in Yami Mugetsu surely would have noticed. In any case Mugetsu's attention had been torn away from the woman as the doctor had called out to him,  "Ah, Mr. Noblord... Your name is Mugetsu Noblord isn't it? I am glad to see that you are awake, it has been two days since you were brough here and we has just found out who you were just a few minuets ago thanks to your little brother finding you..."

The man would pause as his attention turned to the silver haired woman, "She was the one who has found you in the street after the dangerous events she said that she didn't want to leave your side until they found your family. She demanded that we had taken care of you and because of your actions against the attacks of the village the Chowakage was able to force them to back off... Now Mr. Noblord your injuries are appearing to heal just fine, there also appears to be no life threatening injuries, so whenever you feel up to it we can get you out of this place and back to your family."

Mugetsu would nod to the doctor as he further explained that his body was covered in bandages, this did not matter much as the pain would become a reminder of how much he needed to train and work to become stronger and stop his foes from harming anyone again. Just as Mugetsu would stand and began to leave but as he was doing so the young woman from before would grab is hand.

"Where do you think your going handsome, you could have at least said goodbye to the lady who saved your ass," the woman would save as a crooked and rather rough smile appeared across her face. Mugetsu did not know exactly what he needed to say to the woman or what it was that she wanted from him. Noblord men did not do thank you, goodbye, or anything of that manor. But in this particular instance the yellow haired man felt the need to say something just to feed into the womans ego, "I thank you Ma'am for helping me out but now I must be living."

Mugetsu would stand up to raise again, only for this time to be put right back on the bed by this forceful woman, "Oh no, darling your not leaving just yet. As your self assigned knight and shining womanly armor I declare that take me on a date as my reward. I of course cannon't let a man like yourself get away from my grasp especially when you sacrificed yourself like that for not only the Kage, but this very village I live in."

Mugetsu was throghly confused, of all things this woman had wanted to go on a date with him? Never had he been in a situation like this, and neither did he care to go on something as trivial as a date, but he could see deep in the woman's eyes that she had been completely serious. To test this theory Mugetsu would go further to even stand and attempt to walk off only to be pushed back onto his bed until he was forced to agree to the terms of her deal, "Boy are you one hard headed man, cant you see when a woman likes you. Not only have you ingored my request several time but you attempted to leave me. Its clear that your parents have not taught you how to treat a lady, but dont worry Mugetsu I will in time."

Mugetsu had been surprised by the woman persistency on the matter, the very fact that the woman had not been afraid or put of by the death stare he had been giving her the entire time surely helped her cause. Who was this woman? Why had she been so obessesed with him? Something Mugetsu didn't understand also understand was how this woman had been affecting him. Normally Mugetsu would have gotten past a woman like this but instead he had wanted to stay, he had wanted to agree to these turns, but the foolish pride that all Noblord men had possessed was stopping him from letting this go.

In fact, the boy did not think we was truly ready for something like this, a relationship something that could turn into love. He was still recovering from the loss of his family he didn't have time to give his heart to another. Without knowing a dark sadness would enter his eyes as his grip tightened on the bed infront of this woman. The sadness would immediately turn into rage one in which the blonde assassin still had yet to control. But before the anger could reach its maximum state he would feel something warm erupt from his heart. This feeling had been accompanied by the hand the woman had placed onto his.

How did this woman have the power to make this dark feelings go away... Who was she? Before Mugetsu would know it the woman would wrap her arms around him. It would seem that there was more then one side of the tom boyish woman then his had initially displayed, "Its okay, Mugetsu whatever is bringing you so much pain, you have to let it go... If you don't it'll only eat you alive." The woman would release Mugetsu from her grasp before returning to her chair, as Mugetsu's eyes once again would make contact with hers he could now see the soft and gentle nature in her heart. As Mugetsu would stand him his bed once again, he would grab the woman's hand as he lead her out of his hospital... This was going to be the woman he gave his all too.

"Hehe silly you forgot to ask me my name... Don't worry i'll tell you anyway, its Artemis Nara."
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Rescued By an Unfamiliar Face... Mugetsu receives an Unusual Request?
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