Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 D-ranked Missions

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PostSubject: D-ranked Missions   Sun Jan 24, 2016 11:46 pm

Name: Catch the lost pet
Location: in the village
Rank: D
Team: Not required
Client: Civilian man
Rewards: 200 Ryo and 100 Exp
Description: A large pet is on the loose! You have to use your skill to catch it and then bring it back to it’s owner. Once you manage to catch it, the beast turns on you and attacks! You have to defeat it without harming it and then return it to the owners. Pet’s stats: Strength- 10  Speed- 10  Durability- 15

Name: Catch the vandal
Location: in the village
Rank: D
Team: Not required
Client: Kage
Rewards: 200 Ryo and 100 Exp
Description: Your kage has some terrible news! Someone has been vandalizing the Kage Tower! It’s your job to track the vandal down, catch them and then bring them to justice! You can’t find the vandal in the first three places you search. Once you find them, they either attack or run. Their stats are: Strength- 10  Speed- 15  Durability- 10

Name: Paperwork
Location: Kage Tower
Rank: D
Team: None
Client: Kage
Rewards: 200 Ryo and 100 Exp
Description: The responsibilities of a Kage are many, this leads to piles upon piles of paperwork. You are tasked with completing some of this for your Kage in order to lighten their load. After completion, you are to bring the paperwork down to the receptionist’s desk to turn it in. You are not allowed to look at anything above your current rank. If you do, you will be severely punished by an intense Genjutsu!

Name: Picking weeds
Location: In the village
Rank: D
Team: Not required
Client: Mrs. Yamada
Rewards: 200 Ryo and 100 Exp
Description: You have been hired to pick the weeds around Mrs. Yamada’s garden. You will pick these all day while making sure not to harm her award winning persimmons. To make things harder on yourself, you must do this while doing the leaf exercise, sticking a leaf to your head using chakra.

Name: Painting Fences
Location: In the Village
Rank: D
Team: Not Required
Client: Mr. Kichida
Rewards: 200 Ryo and 100 Exp
Description: Mr. Kichida has asked you to come and paint his fence that surrounds his house. It will take you roughly three hours to apply one coat and get finished. That is, until he changes his mind on the color three times, each after you have already finished painting. After wasting nine hours painting and repainting his fence he decided on the original color.

Name: Groceries
Location: In the village
Rank: D
Team: Not Required
Client: Mrs. Ohayashi
Rewards: 200 Ryo and 100 Exp
Description: You have been tasked with carrying Mrs. Ohayashi’s groceries as she does her shopping for the week. As she drags you through countless stores and market stalls your arms are piling up with bags. You are on your way back to drop the groceries off at her house when a teenaged civilian boy grabs her purse and runs off. Your new task is to catch the thief and return her purse so you can complete your original mission. The thief moves at a speed of 12.

Name: Clean Up
Location: Chōwagakure
Rank: D-rank
Team: Solo
Client:  The Chōwakage

Rewards: 200 Ryo & 100 EXP
Description: The Kage has hired a young shinobi to clean up the academy training area, it isn't too hard and is simply in need of a good touch up
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D-ranked Missions
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