Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 The Kōkkai Clan

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PostSubject: The Kōkkai Clan   Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:14 pm

Clan Name: Kōkkai
Clan Symbol:
Clan History: 
Clan Size: (1/3)
Clan Appearance: 

  • Hair: Blue
  • Skin: Pale White

Clan Location: Yumegakure
Clan's Reputation: Little to none outside of the fishing industries, and even then, their methods are a clan secret. 
Clan Ability/KKg Description

  • Salt Production | The users body is accustomed to an unhealthy diet of dishes with high sodium which after their body processes this food secrets in the form of salt from their pores a form of salt: grainy for hydrated and finely granulated for dehydrated. Members are known to produce up to certain amounts based upon their rank: D-Rank: Palm sized - 28 Grams, C-Rank:  Arm sized - 48 Ounces, B-Rank: Lower Half sized - 5 Pounds, A-Rank: Full Human sized - 25 Kilograms, S-Rank: Avatar/Summoning sized - 1 Metric Ton.
  • Salt Manipulation | The salt produced from their body is enriched with their chakra and though mental concentration can be moved by the user telepathically within 5 m. Unfortunately, outside of the expenditure of chakra through Jutsu constructs of salt are unable to hold their shape and a simple breath of wind will topple them, although, salt still stings in open wounds and the eyes. When not mentally trying to manipulate their salt it freely spills from their limbs and orifice upon the head such as the ears and mouth if caught dozing off. 

Clan bonuses: 

  • Underwater Adaptations | Gills on their human form, not on their necks, but upon their their chest large slits run parallel with the bottom set of ribs. With this adaptation members of the clan have no trouble being submerged underwater or upon land in open air. 
  • Ambidextrous - One Handed-Seals | Members of the clan are born genetically  ambidextrous due to the majority of their lifetime being spent underwater, the psi levels of the depths that they live honed their bodies to have an even percentage of muscle and fat divided down the center of their body, equally powerful and versatile without hesitation are each limb independent of one another. When applied to Jutsu, each hand is capable of performing its own technique although chakra costs remain the same. 
  • Hydration | Members must stay hydrated when on land, a simple water bottle drunk per topic will suffice.
  • Urination | A symptom of a high sodium diet is frequent urination, at least once per topic. 

Clan jutsus: Open to Interpretation
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PostSubject: Re: The Kōkkai Clan   Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:16 pm

Name: Ensuiton | Brine Release
Parent Elements: Suiton | Water Release + Yōton | Yang + Inton | Yin Release
DNA Required: Kōkkai
Description: Ensuiton | Brine Release is a kekkei tōta produced by the combination of Suiton | Water Release with both Yōton | Yang and Inton | Yin Release by the performance of a specific seal known only to those of the Kōkkai clan. 


  • Normal Vision | There is no differentiation between this release and any other Suiton | Water Release technique upon sight, although, because of the increased salinity levels it has a lower boiling point (Katon | Fire Release techniques one rank lower cause Brine to Boil). Additionally, the increased salinity also makes it so that Brine takes slower to freeze under more intense freezing conditions and ends up becoming similar to a black slush (Hyouton | Ice Release techniques require a rank over in order to freeze Brine). It's characterized not only by its color, but the "Sloshing" sound it makes as it is still able to be manipulated. Heavy amounts of salt as seen in A Rank + can often be seen as a white hue if within a 5 M range. 
  • Chakra Enhanced Vision | When viewed under these conditions the Brine Release appears black which is in reference to their name. The salt that the Kōkkai produce also looks black under these conditions, this then creates a two fold defense which hinders viewing through constructs made of Brine Release by chakra enhanced viewing abilities. 



Stems from the Body

  • Those of Kōkkai descent have a genetic ability to produce salt from their body, with a clan specific seal added to the end of any Suiton | Water Release technique it can become saturated with chakra enriched salt, thus creating Ensuiton | Brine Release. This then allows for the technique to be produced with out a body of water and neither drawing from the moisture in the air, but instead from themselves through each of their pores which makes most of their techniques limb and hand gesture based.  



  • Ninjutsu | Manipulation, Constructs, Weight Differentiation
  • Taijutsu | Combination Arts
  • Bukijutsu | Combination Arts
  • Iryō-Ninjutsu | Control Saline Levels, Stat Reduction through Dehydration Abilities. 
  • Genjutsu | 5 Senses as a Trigger. 
  • Fūinjutsu | Salabrasion = Using brine/saltwater to remove tattoos/Fūinjutsu.

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PostSubject: Re: The Kōkkai Clan   Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:24 pm

Double Approved!

(Its been a while since I have seen you man. <.< Welcome Very Happy)

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PostSubject: Re: The Kōkkai Clan   

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The Kōkkai Clan
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