Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 The River runs red [Crow Synopsis and Birth of Kirigakure]

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PostSubject: The River runs red [Crow Synopsis and Birth of Kirigakure]   Sat Apr 29, 2017 8:18 am

A few months after the chuunin exams Yuri Crow and the Crows descended upon the Samurai Lands, their aim was to kidnap and seize control of the Kijiya Clan, its treasures and skills. This lead to a year long war in which the crime lord and the bushido warriors fought. Through this campaign the the Crows won the initial battles, taking the majority of the clan in the first few months before Yuri successfully killed the Shogun Shirokawa, this prompted a swift counter strike in which the Shogun's daughter Sakura Okita slayed two of Yuri's daughters in a single fight earning her the title of Bird-Slaying Okita.

With the loss of two of his children the fighting continued for two more months before finally ending with Yuri's force being defeated by Sakura, following the conflict Yuri and the majority of the Crows disappeared for years. However in his exile he used his still strong power to rally the criminal underworld to his side and the formation of a ninja village was established from the lowly criminals of the ninja world in a location now known as the Land of Water.

With Kirigakure's forming a few months ago, he had a massive number of ninja. Quickly dwarfing the other villages due to Kirigakure's forces being primarily missing-nin running from the other villages which made the village stronger, more diverse with skills and eventually it had a powerful population of 600 Jounin of mixed-skill, 500 Chuunin and 800 Genin. The ANBU was also trained in the Crow arts allowing them to become incredibly deadly and much more effective than normal ANBU.

To make his debut back into the Ninja world Yuri infiltrated Seishigakure, tracking down the head of the Hyuga Clan Seigetsu Hyuga and fought him in the temple on the Hyuga lands before killing him and taking his eyes and preserving them. Yuri's mark was left on the body to claim the infamy of killing the second coming of Hamura and also the wielder of the mighty Tenseigan. With his infamy quickly spreading the village hidden in the mist made itself known and demanded to be recognised as a village thus making the Mizukage, Yuri Crow himself receive an invitation to the upcoming Kage Summit after multiple skirmishes with Seishigakure-nin on the borders.
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The River runs red [Crow Synopsis and Birth of Kirigakure]
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