Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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PostSubject: Christian(Hakuyune)Kugeki   Thu Feb 11, 2016 10:45 pm

Name: Chrisitian Kugeki
Nickname: Hakuyune
Age: 10
Gender: Male

Height: 5'1
Weight: 90

Centrally, the youth's looks are defined by an allure in equal parts noble and serene, effeminate even. Duly, his countenance can be viewed as faerie-like, yet handsome; his facial structure framed slender, outlined by high, elegant cheekbones and a sharp, slightly narrow jaw-line. Eyes that are upturned and muted silver peer over a faintly aquiline nose and pale lips, while aligned with pinned, unorthodoxly elf-like ears. His skin – pale and tight – is accented seamlessly by mid-length white hair, which is usually worn in a unique fashion, let down with a few tresses on the left braided and tied off with an ornamental clasp, or unbraided and tied together by a red ribbon of sorts.

On from his dainty visage, at 5'1" & 90 lbs, the youth's physique could without afterthought be considered the epitome of litheness and dexterity, cultivated from the earliest of ages by the elders of the Kugeki to compliment perfectly the clan's fighting style. Consequently, his body is utterly flexible, while unfettered by any excess fat, or muscle, which serve only as liabilities within the style of fighting he was raised alongside – not to say that his body is completely devoid of either, though both are set at the bare minimum required in order for him to sustain peak agility, and to remain as swift and light-weight on his feet as possible. Grace itself can synopsis his anatomy.

He has an eye for fashion, preferring free-flowing, high-mid thigh length tops, tight-fitting bottoms, and foot-contouring, light-weight tabi's, or nin-sandals, usually covered by a cloak of some sort, and if on a mission, paired with a mask (❖). In terms of accessories, the youth will periodically paint his nails in black, or a variety of other colors depending on his mood. A smaller version of the traditional hitai-ate is kept fastened around his left upper-arm, usually hidden beneath his outer-wear, or, less frequently, the village standard along his forehead, in which case his hair will be pinned back. He is commonly readied with his tools in various locations along his person.

Village: SeiShi
Character Rank: Academy Student
Clan: Kugeki Clan
Element: Wind

Personality: The Swan – Owing highly to his daily yoga and tutelage under the clan's elite, Hakuyuné developed early an unwavering discipline, and dominion over his feelings and emotions, most plainly apparent in the peacefully calm manner in which he conducts himself. While completely natural to him, the tranquility and grace with which he functions may at first appear unearthly to those who aren't familiar with him. Neurotic, and consequently a perfectionist, the way he walks. the cadence and intonation of his speech, the tranquil expression on his face – it is all in the pursuit of perfection, of perfect grace and perfect beauty. It is for this reason that he was bestowed the title 'Snow Swan'.

The Noble – Born into wealth and sovereignty, it was ingrained in his head as a child that he was special, and what exactly it meant to be of highborn lineage. He was raised to display decorum in all of his actions, and to honor their family in whatever he did. To act without class was simply unacceptable, and consequently class he would develop. Today, an air of nobility surrounds him; one glance and even a stranger would know that this was no ordinary boy. A natural confidence seems to exude from him, though he is by no means narcissistic, or cruel to those of lower status – quite the contrary, in fact. He is merely sure of himself, his abilities, and his place in the world.

The Loner – Even in his earlier years, it was evident to Hakuyuné's parents that he was a bit different. Rather than playing outside, having sleepovers, and doing simple childlike things, he preferred to stay in his room, and in his mind. An introvert in essence, he exists in his own private reality, far preferring seclusion and quiet over the company of another. Nonetheless, he is by no means shy or bashful, as evidenced by the confidence and regal air he naturally displays. In fact, more recently his time in the Academy has instilled in him the importance of teamwork, and thus he is not as averse to working with others as he once was, though he does still require his daily private time to keep sane.

The Scholar – Throughout his childhood, Hakuyuné has been praised for his intellect by overseers, whether they be clan elders, his teachers, or, a bit later in life, his parents. Subjects that were touted as being complex and 'hard' were never that difficult for him – practically without fail – and in the academy the few friends he would make were those similar to him in the ease with which they were able to learn, and the brilliance that they so effortlessly were able to display. It is said that he inherited the brains of his mother, and undoubtedly, he is intelligent, and, coupled with a solid memory, it goes without wonder that he would develop a reputation as the definitive, know-it-all scholar.

The Explorer – Curiosity, a quality that every child is born with, and unfortunately, one that most grow out of – fortunately, Hakuyuné never would. He still possesses his innate urge to inquire, to want to know, and can be a nuisance at times with his incessant questioning. At other times, his curiosity may as well lead him down paths that are considered taboo, or 'evil', though nevertheless his intentions are most certainly pure and benign. With his eagerness to explore, he is a born adventurer, and, as he's grown older, he has began to dream of the outside world, and is ready to discover the reality of what it is that exists beyond the walls of Yamagakure, and borders of there lands.

The Warrior – While he would much rather negotiate and come to a peaceful agreement than fight, he is not one to compromise or shy away from a battle if it is necessary. Undoubtedly, there is a fire that burns deep inside Hakuyuné, and though it is borderline impossible to ignite, once brought to life no amount of talking can ever extinguish it. At the end of the day, his mind and body are a weapon, and have been trained since birth as a weapon; nothing will ever change that, and nor would he want any other life. Beneath his grace and poise lies the fiery spirit of a warrior – a warrior who will die for what is right.

Character History: To uphold the honor of his ancestry with the same amount of grace and virtuosity as those elite individuals that came before him, to bring praise to the clan name in all of his actions, and to train relentlessly so as to ensure the fulfillment of his prior tenets – this was the basic creed that would be instilled in christian as a child, as it had been since long before him. A descendant of a particularly affluent and venerated lineage of Kugeki highborn, dating back to the very origins of the clan itself, it had always been unquestionable who Christian would become. Incontestably, the fate of a certain eminent duo’s second child, and brother of the clan heiress, had been decided long before his conception.

And so it was that on the eleventh of june, surrounded by his immediate family and the elders of the clan, Kugeki Christian would be brought into the world. It was a joyous time; that his parents had now birthed both a boy and girl to continue and refresh the legacy of their heritage had been a cause for celebration that the entirety of their family took part in. However, to assume that his childhood would be one large celebration was folly; contrarily, he would be raised much more harshly than even the average clan heir child, let alone those Kugeki that were of lower status. His parents, genius-level shinobi in their own right, expected perfection, and would accept nothing less.

Any love proffered by his parents as a child would be tough love, to speak as lightly of it as possible, though his older sister, Kugeki Hinafuji, would watch over him, and make sure that at the end of the day he was at least taken care of. Nevertheless, she couldn’t always be by his side, and the dojo was the one place as a child where he would be forced to fend for himself. Coincidentally, it was the place where he'd end up spending the majority of his time – more and more as he would grow older. His initial forays there as little more than a toddler were supervised and guided by his parents. It was noted even then how easy most things seemed to be for him, and how quick of a learner he was.

Owing to the sovereign standing of his family within the clan’s hierarchy, he was noticed early by the clan’s elders, who would take him, at the age of five, under their wing – he and a small group of other Main House children that looked to be similarly exceptional. From then on his training was completely individualized, and domineered by both the elders and his parents; everything from his eating schedule, to the types of exercises he was allowed to perform, to what he was supposed to read was covered by his overseers. The motive of the elders was to raise a group of brilliant young Kugeki who could continue the work of the prior generation in further upholding their clan’s reputation.

They, like his parents, expected perfection, and he thrived under their tutelage. Believing himself to be under the shadow of his renowned sister, he would train vehemently. He was often praised for the grace and dazing speed with which he was able to utilize his technique's, and his neurotic attention to detail. They worked day in and day out; he was pushed to his limits routinely, and masterfully conditioned both physically and mentally. As he grew, so did his talent grow undeniable, and it wasn’t long before he was touted as one of the brightest Kugeki of his generation, along with a couple others within his training cell. Supplementary to their meticulous and precise training regime were teachings of the clan’s history, which intrigued him immensely, and prepared him for the type of teaching he would receive at the Yamagakure academy.

Upon being shipped too the village he changed his name too Hakuyune it took him three days too get settled using money given too him he was living in the high class of the village with no parents due too them being nomads, on the fourth day in the village Hakuyune enlisted into the academy.
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PostSubject: Re: Christian(Hakuyune)Kugeki   Fri Feb 12, 2016 11:19 pm


Enjoy the Revolution~

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