Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Izuna Uchiha

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PostSubject: Izuna Uchiha   Fri Mar 04, 2016 7:29 am

Name: Izuna Uchiha
Kuroyasha [or Black Demon]
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Height: 173cm
Weight: 62kg
Appearance: Izuna is a young woman who is quite famously known around Chowagakure's younger population as something of a real "looker". She has the appearance of a girl who could have almost any guy she wants, her hair is quite long, reaching just above her waist and has a very dull, black which many describe as "raven black". Her long hair is incredibly well groomed, having a soft and silky feel to those who touch it, this might be due to her habit of cleaning it very often as she highly values her hair yet that doesn't mean she isn't willing to cut it if necessary. 

Her face is framed by her hair, this often obscures her face from the side-view although when people are looking directly at her they can see her very dark eyes looking back, she has very keen eyes which are often looking around her as if trying constantly trying to figure out  everything around her which ultimately gives her a look that appears to be trying to decipher your very being. Her cute face is often pulling on a basic smile, it is almost mechanical behaviour for her to do so from her early training in Yamigakure which often makes people mislead by her smile.

She has a reasonable frame to her, it is quite curvy with a hourglass shape to her torso, this often brings out her large bust of D-cup breasts. Her body is tight with very few muscle mass showing and no one really knows how strong she is although what she doesn't have in strength she makes up with speed and flexibility. despite what many believe she is quite the gymnast and acrobat when it comes to her abilities on the battlefield.  

Izuna is a woman who rarely wears anything fashionable, it is mainly practical and very plain for her. She is most commonly seen in an attire which is very Uchiha clan, she wears simple black pants which are partially concealed at the sides by her top, it is a lighter black which has a blue colour to it. It is high collared and covers a lot of her body, it is finished with a small white wrap which holds the ends closer to her sides.

Another common attire that is worn by her is usually a very plain kunoichi attire, it consists of short, black skin-tight shorts which are covered by a basic white skirt; her top is zipped up the front which molds to her body, on her leg she wears a standard pouch where she keeps things of importance while her footwear is the standard Kunoichi shoes, she uses her forehead protector as a headband. Finally she has mesh which cover all of her four joints; elbows and knees.

Village: Chowagakure
Character Rank: E | Academy Student
Clan: Uchiha Clan

Personality: Izuna is quite the person who prefers to be alone and isolated, she doesn't really like being around people and would much rather do something which only involves herself such as reading a book or learning jutsu. She loves to learn obviously and her complete focus towards her scholarly desires has made her quite knowledgeable and she has a wisdom of someone well beyond her years. 

She is often quite silent and rarely talks unless spoken too leaving her little in the way of conversation. However she makes up for it by being quite skilled in psychology, body-language and understanding the bodies responses. This leads her to be quite valuable in the art of gathering intelligence, she is also quite good and trusting instincts, mainly through her intuition which makes her often use what she has to get what she wants.

Now she isn't simply a machine, Izuna is still a girl and a human, she has feelings and she often keeps them buried deep within herself. Letting them bottle up until finally it just explodes, she tries to hide her emotions from everyone and she is quite good at it too. Whenever she is upset or angry her first thought is to go alone to calm down and settle down while trying to make it look nature. She is often always scared to show her true self but this is because she doesn't exactly know her true self at all.

Character History: Izuna was born as the first daughter of Shin Uchiha and Kimiko Uchiha, they were actually members of the clan who had been banished from the clan after Kimiko, who was at the time engaged to another man fell in love and chose Shin over her arranged husband. Such dishonour was not tolerated and the clan banished them and refused to call them their own kin. Shin and Kimiko lived a hard life as they walked from Chowagakure and looked for a place to settle down in. Izuna wasn't to be born yet, her older brother was the one their mother carried around in her womb for the painful seven months of looking for a place to call home. 

Eventually they found it, in the form of Yamigakure. They were found in the outskirts of the village, and upon realising they were of the Uchiha Clan, seeing a potential asset to their combat abilities the Yamikage gave them shelter and provided for them, Kimiko had her son Takuma Uchiha two months after their arrival to the village. Her brother was provided for very well, the Kage was greatly excited to give him the best education possible and train him to be a very deadly shinobi, when he was five Kimiko fell pregnant again with Izuna. Takuma was always silent and distant from the world around him, focused more on the studies he was given and he didn't even go to the academy, instead he was promoted straight to genin at age five. 

Izuna was born a few weeks after her older brother was promoted to Chuunin, he was a true prodigy. Izuna was however not offered the education Takuma was though, instead she spent most of her life living with her mother and father who were forced to teach her the basics, and it seemed that Takuma's road to success reached one more milestone as he was promoted to jounin when his little sister was but four years old. She spent her early childhood reading and training from her brother and parents. After a few years however things got pretty bad, Takuma had been promoted once more to the rank of ANBU, meanwhile Izuna was still being neglected. It was only a few days later that Takuma hurried home and told his family to leave immediately, the Yamikage had ordered the death of Izuna's parents and the abduction of Izuna, for the diabolical scheme of using her to give birth to the Uchiha's bloodline.

Takuma acted quickly and took them, fleeing the Village they had called their home for many years and fled towards Chowagakure. Where it took them three days, on the trip Izuna suffered much hardship and had to learn how to survive and in doing so learned how to read people and advanced psychological techniques from Takuma. She ate it all up, with an unnatural want to learn from having it taken from her for most of her life. Takuma taught her as much as he could and taught her basic fighting skills, after this he left them at Chowagakure and became a missing-nin, hoping to cause havoc to the Yamikage who tried to use his family like animals.

In Chowagakure, Izuna's family got set back up. Without her brother it felt different but she thoroughly enjoyed it and especially her new freedoms in life. She greatly despised Yamigakure and refuses to go there, she was then admited into the academy at the age of fourteen where she spent two years of her life however one day her mother informed her of her history with their clan and Izuna felt shocked that her family could be so cruel, she then from that day on spent a lot of time studying, working around the academy on a variety of things, she greatly fell into Medical ninjutsu and also Fuuinjutsu. Such things made her feel quite pleased to learn.

After he two years with her desire to learn Izuna finally reached the end of her academy days, her brother had not been heard from for many years and she is seen as a person who prefers the solitude of nature than other people.

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PostSubject: Re: Izuna Uchiha   Sat Mar 05, 2016 9:58 am

Looks good!
Enjoy the Revolution~

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Izuna Uchiha
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