Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 From Chuunin to Tokubetsu, I rise!

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PostSubject: From Chuunin to Tokubetsu, I rise!   Tue Mar 08, 2016 5:08 pm

Kosuke was roused from his sleep at an ungodly hour by the sound of someone knocking at his door. He needed to answer it, but his groggy mind didn’t want to leave the warm confines of his bed. He made his way to the door opening it up to see one of the ninja that worked as deliverers for the Kage, Kosuke noticed the man’s eyes linger on his metal arm, and then trace the jagged scar running down his chest and abdomen. He then looked at Kosuke’s face and gave his brief message. “Lord Yoshida would like to meet with you. He has scheduled you in for 10:00 sharp, do not be late.” With that, the man left in a rather dignified and snobbish manner. With a heavy sigh Kosuke made his way inside and glanced at his clock, ‘8:30’, Okay. No problem, he would shower then eat and then be on his way.
Starting the water up in his shower and allowing the hot water to fall across his skin in a calming manner, he wanted to think about a lot of different things. First was this matter with the Kage. It was not often one was called to meet with the Kage, but it was even less often he would set an appointment for you himself. Kosuke hoped it wasn’t to demote him over his loss of the exams, he did his best, and he just wasn’t strong enough. Thinking of the exams soured his mood quickly, the thought of his failure hurt his pride as an Uchiha, as a ninja! He was supposed to fight for this village, to PROTECT this village, and yet he failed to protect himself, in front of HALF the village at least. He thought of how he couldn’t even look his father in the eye when he came home a week later, his new prosthetic clumsily knocking into things and spilling drinks. It took him a few weeks to get the chakra control correct in it. But now he was back to his original state. He knew he needed to grow though.
Once he finally got out of the shower, he headed into the kitchen, his room messy from all of the nights he comes in half dead after training. He grabbed a bowl and filled it with noodles, then started the oven, making some tea. He wanted to calm himself before meeting the leader of the village. Once it started to boil he took it off the oven and poured himself a small cup. Slurping down his noodles and then sipping his tea calmly, he reflected on the strength he has gained since he became a ninja. His journey through life has not been easy as some might think, it was full of pain, scars, loss, and gain. He wanted nothing more than to live his life peacefully, without worry of someone killing him over some petty exam. He needed to prove to everyone that he HAD grown stronger, that he HAD become powerful. He wanted to prove himself.

Finally leaving his house, Kosuke meandered his way towards the Kage building. Once inside he was ushered into a waiting room and told to wait for the next five to ten minutes for his appointment. He waited for around eight minutes before he was called in to meet with the elderly Kage. The man was sitting behind his desk, looking over some paperwork when Kosuke arrived. He motioned for Kos to take a seat in one of the conference chairs in front of his desk. “I called you here to commend you for your exemplary performance in the recent exams. While you may not have been the grand champion, you did show off the strength of our village. You also showed some great promise and strength of your own. It is because of this, and the great potential I see lying dormant inside you, that I have decided to grant you the rank of Special Jounin. Your duties will change from here on. You will still be able to join a simple team, but with your increased rank and knowledge you will be expected to both lead and follow. You will also have to take on higher ranked missions and maybe even lead a team on a mission. You have taken into the beginnings of leadership, from here there is no turning back.” Kosuke would listen to the man as he spoke, then would say, “Thank you Shodai-Sama. I will make you proud as I protect this village to the best of my abilities.” With that he bowed and left the room to return home and soak in what he just received.


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From Chuunin to Tokubetsu, I rise!
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