Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Raiden Uzumaki

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Raiden Uzumaki
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PostSubject: Raiden Uzumaki    Sat Mar 19, 2016 2:51 pm

Name: Raiden Uzumaki
Nickname: Raiden the Thunder Demon
Age: 25
Gender: Male

Height: 5’11”
Weight: 168 Lbs

Appearance: Raiden is a fairly tall man, with medium length red hair that comes down to about his shoulders, and light violet eyes. With a narrow face and large eyes, he was a lady killer back in his academy days, even into his time as a Genin. Though now, his body is riddled with scars and burns. His mouth usually turned into an angry scowl or at least a frown. He seldom smiles as he did during his youth and now prefers to remain stoic and aloof.

He has a couple outfits that are common for him, though most of them consist of black and red. His most common attire, is a black shirt, black pants and a black haori with long sleeves and a high collar. This Haori has red trim going around all the edges. On the bottom, is a stylized Uzumaki clan symbol going around the perimeter of the tail end of the cloak. He usually wears his head band tied around his left bicep, though he keeps a red bandana with the Uzumaki clan symbol tied around his right bicep.

His second common outfit consists of a red shirt, black pants topped by a red haori. This Haori has black triangles pointed upwards embroidered onto the bottom and a large black ‘X’ embroidered onto the back of it. He wears white ninja sandals and ties black bandages around both of his forearms and hands, leaving only his fingers uncovered. This is his common travelling attire, though he prefers the other over anything he might otherwise wear.

His eyes are sharp and hold a deep understanding of loss and pain. He has a single clump of his dark red hair that often falls in between his eyes, his pale skin contrasting it greatly. Though this pale skin, under all of the clothes it littered with scars from his tortured past and the brutality that has been inflicted upon him since childhood. He wants to stand out, yet show honor and tribute to his clan for not abandoning him, though the village almost had.

Village: Seishigakure
Character Rank: S-Ranked Missing Nin
Clan: Uzumaki
Element: Raiton

Personality: Raiden is known around the village as a cold and almost cruel person. He never smiles, never laughs, and is almost never seen without his trademark scowl marring his face. This never bothered him though, he is content just the way he is. While many would think he is just shy, he actually just has no want or desire to talk to or work with others. His hatred and anger having long ago been replaced by indifference. Raiden often tries to spend his time alone training and doing missions. Though he is an introvert, he is a capable leader and is able to work efficiently in a team setting.

Though he is powerful, he is far from arrogant. He knows that no one is invincible and is very cautious when entering a fight, and the entire time of being in combat. He often has many different contingency plans when going into or starting a fight. He often uses his own quick wit to get out of situations that are less optimal. He often thinks of plans for fights he may never have, such as thinking of ways to defeat even his allies.

His longevity as an Uzumaki and increased endurance and stamina in battle, make him more or less a battle fanatic. He enjoys fighting if he has to, and tries to learn something from each experience. This has helped him through many battles and has allowed him to grow into the man he is today. Though many people find his attitude towards and inside of a battle lax and uncaring, he just tries to enjoy himself while he can. But, if he has to, he will get serious in a fight. Though, due to his past, he holds no regard for the lives of others, often killing and torturing souls just out of boredom or to fulfill a personal goal.

Character History: Every story has a beginning, though many people view the beginning of a story as the happy bit before the sad bit, this story is unlike any ever told. While most stories would start with introducing the hero’s parents, or his close relatives, our story today doesn’t have any parents, or close relatives, nor does it feature a hero. No, today we observe the life of Raiden Uzumaki. Though he was born with that surname, he was unaware of his lineage for a long while. Born to a nameless father and a nameless mother in the village of Yamigakure, Raiden spent his early years living as any child would. Though, this happy lifestyle shifted when they came.

Scientists from outside of the village had been given permission from the Shodai Yamikage to take a few young children from varying clans to run experiments on, they killed his parents and took him to their lab. After many years of training and pure torture, Raiden managed to escape the lab and returned to Yami where he learned of his heritage and was trained in the ways of the Uzumaki. Though this only lasted a few years, as the scientists found him again and tortured him until he was near death. Once they finished, he was rescued by an unsuspecting ninja from Seishigakure who happened to be ransacking this lab on a mission. This ninja took the bloody and beaten Raiden to the village hidden by stillness in order to heal his wounds and get him back on his feet.

The torture and loss of his family changed Raiden. Gone was the happy child no one ever got to meet. He was now cold, aloof and uncaring. He held no care for human life and would kill if he was bored on a mission or if it made his mission easier. He grew distrusting of any shinobi, be it ally or enemy. After a few years, progressing through the ranks, he was able to compete in the chuunin exams. During these exam he presented himself to be very proficient in both Ninjutsu and Fuuinjutsu. Due to his obvious skill there and his ability to utilize senjutsu, he was immediately promoted to Tokubetsu Jounin and given access to more advanced training materials.

Taking advantage of this, he grew at an exponential rate, even surpassing some of the Jounin in raw talent. Using his knowledge and skill he ascended to the rank of Jounin. Many of the lower ranks and most of the higher ranks resented him for his introversive personality and obvious talent. But, it was his actions on an A-ranked mission that caught most of their Ire. He had been fighting a battle against fifteen Genin and three chuunin. One of them used a wide scale water jutsu and drenched all of the except for him. He then used a lighting jutsu to fry all of the Genin and Chuunin, earning him the nickname, ‘Raiden the Thunder Demon’.

This mission brought many to loathe him, and as such from then on and for a year afterwards, he has trained In solitude in the mountains. He had been given permission by the Seishikage to take a year to himself nearby the village in order to both grow and to avoid the public’s hatred. It had been a year and he has grown much. Upon returning to the village, he was reinstated to his previous rank and position. Though, he began to grow unstable, even more distrusting and paranoid. Eventually he knew that he needed to leave the village and exact revenge upon the world for it's cruelty to him. Though, he blamed Yami for it's mistreatment of him the most, he held the rest of the world accountable for not coming to save him sooner than it did. And for it's idleness, he vowed that the world would pay.

With his skills higher and more attuned than they ever had been he decided to leave the village, though not before killing the man who had saved him once, many years ago. After this, he was surrounded by five ANBU, though they didn't stand a chance. He killed them all and made his way into the mountains where he began to form more powerful seals and ninjutsu. Preparing himself to unleash his evil, twisted revenge on the world, he decided to seek out the beasts that would help him spiral this world into chaos, destroying the villages that stood idly by as his world, no, his humanity was stolen from him.

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PostSubject: Re: Raiden Uzumaki    Sat Mar 19, 2016 3:44 pm


Enjoy the Revolution~

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Raiden Uzumaki
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