Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 To teach the next generation! [Seigetsu]

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PostSubject: To teach the next generation! [Seigetsu]   Tue Oct 18, 2016 10:58 pm

Name: Teach the Academy
Location: Ninja Academy
Rank: C
Team: Required for Genin, not required for Chuunin +
Client: Council
Rewards: 0 Ryo and 300 Exp
Description: You have been tasked with teaching a class in the academy for the day. You must keep their attention and also be able to punish the three trouble makers of the class, be prepared for the hardest mission yet.

Standing in the empty classroom of the Academy the young Hyuga had arrived early in the aim of being here to greet his students for the day, he had agreed to teach a Taijutsu class for the Seishikage who was busy, being that he was considered an S-rank jounin he was more than capable of doing the mediocre training that these children would receive for today, despite the fact his skill was primarily in the Gentle Fist style of his clan one did not need a necessarily need a Byakugan to achieve some of the traits of it, he intended to show them the use of pressure points and other weaknesses of the body that his own fighting style made use of. As the children started to file in the young man stayed looking outside, it was a rowdy bunch and they made a lot of sound. He didn't speak, let alone move as they talked amongst themselves. 

Unknown to them was that while he appeared to be looking out the window he was actually focused on the entire area around him though his Byakugan, he could see the children perfectly and was making out which ones would give him the most trouble, who the studious ones were. When the children realised they had been talking for quite some time and the teacher had not even moved from his position a few of them got curious and began to run at him and try to see what he was looking at out the window although much to their disappointment he was looking at nothing of interest. When he finally had their attention he began by first sitting them down and picking a young male who if he recalled was called Yashiro, the young man stood there as Seigetsu began to demonstrate pressure points on him, he was interrupted on numerous occasions which was unacceptable by three children at the back, a young girl and two boys. 

Getting quite annoyed by the ongoing distractions the black dressed man used the body flicker technique to appear behind the three and through the use of the lessons he just showed everyone Seigetsu lightly touched his target's neck and the little brat found himself unable to speak, a small grin played on the Hyuga's lips with the other two troublemakers very quiet after seeing their leader be silenced so easily, one might have to wonder why that was.

By the time he was halfway though the class the loud mouth got his voice back however after a glare or two from the pale eyes of the Hyuga the kid stopped interupting out of fear he'd be silenced again which amused the jounin. His hands moved and he made the students follow his lead until the class was done, many were much more satisfied with his lesson that what they'd normally learn since they had a small taste of the basic principles of Gentle Fist although he knew few could learn it to be of any use, they would learn the Strong Fist style. Having taught his class he returned home to continue training with the newly acquired Tenseigan.

WC: 524

Seigetsu Hyuga "The Black Mamba"
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To teach the next generation! [Seigetsu]
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