Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Mugetsu's Soul Weapon

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PostSubject: Mugetsu's Soul Weapon   Sat Nov 05, 2016 11:35 pm

Name: Sutorētoejji
Type: Weapon
Custom Canon: Custom
Rank: S Rank
Material: Chakra Infused Steel/Iron

The sealed version of Sutorētoejji consists of a of a gold and emerald ring with the clans symbol strategically engraved into the emerald stone. While the band of the ring is pure one hundred percent gold it manged to hold and keep in place a emerald stone.

Similar to This:

Upon transformation the ring is swallowed in a blind light of space/time chakra and changes drastically. The ring manifests into of a new combo weapon, a sword and connecting scythe. The weapon overall weapon itself doesnt appear to be all that special but its definitely a Unique one for Mugetsu. The sword it self consists if a rather average looking scimitar blade of some manor. The hilt of the weapon is decorated in a gold pommel and grip made of a heavily polished wooden material reinforced with a hidden chakra infused steel frame for stability and reliability. The rain-guard of the blade is similar to that of a knight's blade and is also made of of the same material as the grip but instead is coated with a rather decorative layer of pure gold. The special part of this blade is the pommel. At the tip of the golden pommel is a completely circular hole in which a reinforced steel chain (two feet long) made of the same material as the hilt and guard is connected. This chain itself holds the other part of this weapon. The scythe...The scythe itself is also rather typical of what one would expect and is also designed decoratively identical to the scimitar. The scythe although is comprised of eighteen inch curved blade typical of other scythes and is connected to a rather long 2 feet and a half handle and pommel decorated in the same fashion of the scimitars hilt with the connecting chain. The hilt of the scythe itself is so long as to not alllw any part of the users body to obstruct the blade in the event the user choices a form of decapitation.

Sword Image:

General Idea of Scythe Appearance:

(The strength of the weapons chain can take up to two powerful A rank blows before breaking and can withstand a singular S Rank Blow.)


Minor Abilities:

- Can grow and extend the length of the chain connecting by three additional feet. (Will purchase on the update page)

Medium Abilities:

- Can Cut Through Chakra Based Ninjutsu(A Rank an Lower)
- Can siphon and give the user 10% of the chakra amount of of whatever Ninjutsu Based Chakra move this weapon cuts.

Major Ability:

- Can regenerate from any damage recieved while resting in Mugetsu soul. (Example. Minor Repairs, like blade chips or broken chain = 1 post. Medium Repairs, like heavily cracked blade or destroy scythe = 5 posts. Major Damage, like broken blade or destroyed sword = 1 topic)

Cost: Free (Clan Bonus)
Can only be used via summoning of Mugetsu's Heikigan.

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PostSubject: Re: Mugetsu's Soul Weapon   Sun Nov 06, 2016 3:57 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Mugetsu's Soul Weapon   Sat Nov 26, 2016 10:51 pm

Name: Shinitoretoejji
Type: Weapon
Custom/Canon: Custom
Rank: S
Material: Phantom Metal

The staff of the scythe itself is capable of breaking off into three part segemnts connected by chain as long as the length of the staff. (4ft) Breaking the segments apart allows the user to extend the reach of the scythe now scythe to reach up to 8ft.

Staff Appearance:


- Maintains all the abilites of Sutoretoejji.

-  Reaper Mode: This ability covers the user in an extremely dark and pure chakra like aura state. While in this state the user appears as a reaper of death and gains a massive boost to all thier stats. +50 Speed, Strength, Durability.

(Ignor of the size... The reaper form will be the same size as the user.)

Cost: 0 (Is an additonal form of Sutoretoejji. Must also be trained 1,000 words to unlock.)
Requirements: Can only be summoned via the use of phantom metal chakra by pouring it into Sutoretoejji." />" />
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PostSubject: Re: Mugetsu's Soul Weapon   

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Mugetsu's Soul Weapon
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