Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Enter the Full Lion Mode! A Mysterious Cave!?!? (Chakra and Jutsu Training)

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PostSubject: Enter the Full Lion Mode! A Mysterious Cave!?!? (Chakra and Jutsu Training)   Sat Nov 19, 2016 7:52 am

Upon notifying the Seishikage of her brief time away from the village the lone Hyuga Maiden intended to finally finish her training and better yet the secret technique she had been working towards for so long. But first she needed to find a place that would be isolated and closed off from the rest of the work at least while she finished her training. While walking in search through the Hoshoku Mountains Rei would come across a a rather large opening to a cave carved perfectly into the side of the mountain. This cave would seemingly call to her as she unconsciously made her way towards the entrance. Taking a further look inside one would be able to notice a somewhat shimmering light within the cave.

Upon walking five feet into the cave almost all natural light would cease to exist as it was easily replaced by the shimmering light mentioned before. It would seem this light came from a rare form of crystalline stalactite that shone upon slowly siphoning water and nutrients from the cave walls. In that regard those who encountered this rare crystal wondered if it in someway had been alive. As Rei entered deeper into the cave she would attempt to find in area in which did not harbor too much water on the cave floor to avoid slipping and even better getting dirty. Within ten minuets of walking a straight pathway into the cave the young Hyuga would stumble upon a clearing in the cave where the special crystals seemed to focus.

This area was perfectly circular and free of any water, and it would seem as if this place had been calling her all along. The most beautiful part about this area was the ceiling although the bulk of the water seemed to come from the center of the ceiling the water would trickle down the sides of the down as if there was an already predestined pathway for the water and upon the area where the wall met the floor the water would form a semi deep pool of water in which formed an almost complete three hundred and sixty degree circle, why had this trend seemed so familiar?

Upon stepping into the center of the dome shaped room Reigetsu would look down temporarily as she began to calm herself down and enter a state of pure focus. Upon reaching the optimal level she would preform the seal of concentration as veins started to protrude from her eyes accompanied by a wave of chakra signaling the activation of the Hyugan Clans famed Dojutsu,


The moment her newly transformed eyes focused once again onto the cave Reigetsu would notice that the wave of chakra emitted from her Byakugan had triggered a reaction in the cave. The crystalline stalactites had begun to shine brighter eventually reflecting its light upon the water that flowed around the walls and formed the pool upon the ground. It would seemed her chakra had triggered a strange reaction. But this strange event was just the tip of the iceberg.

Shrugging off the rather strange event that just passed Reigetsu would finally began to focus in her training but to master this skill she would need to slowly activate those components required to master and successful pull off the technique. Using her Byakugan to gain a further focus of her chakra then before the young Hyuga Maiden would began to gather chakra around her hands and feet. This process would normally go much faster under dangerous circumstances but since this was a moment for Rei to train her self the maiden could take all the time she needed to do this right. As the layer of chakra around her hands and feet thickened it would slowly morph itself and began to take the form of something else. In this case it would appear to be the paws of a feline creature more specifically of a rather large lion. These paws not only looked visually appealing but granted a slight boost to Reigetsu's speed and strength which in a tight situation would be rather helpful,

"Gentle Step: Grand Lion Paws!"

The moment this paw would full manifest Reigetsu would move onto the next component to her technique. Now gathering chakra around head in the same manor as her feet and hands, Reigetsu would focus and manipulate the chakra further then before as she would slowly form the shape of a large lion's head around her own. This lion would completely take the form of a prior gentle step technique, Twin Lion Fist but instead of two only one would form on her head. This cloak of chakra just like the Grand Lion Paws not only looked ferocious but enhanced Rei's vision even further than before,

"Gentle Step: Observing Lions Head!"

Prefereing to immediately activate the next component Reigetsu would extend the reach of the chakra surrounding her head around her neck and most of her torso in doing so the maiden also focused on the cloak of chakra to take an additional form now transforming and fitting to that of a Lions Mane in which covered most of her torso. This artificial chakra mane would serve to attack as a defense against attacks buffing the amount of damage the maiden could take futher,

"Gentle Step: Protective Lion's Mane!"

Upon fully activating the Lions Mane, Rei's attention would get drawn to something else. The room once again woul respond to the build up of chakra from the Lion Maiden activating her brand new Gentle Step techniques. But the most fascinating part was that as the waves of chakra travled along the walls into the pool resting in the floor it would began to interactw with the ground under Rei's feet in such a special way. The famed Eight Trigrams circle would began to manifest on the ground under Rei now covering more then seventy five percent of the ground at this rate... How was this even possible? Had this cave a one point been used by the Hyuga Clan and served as some sort of training ground?

No... If it was it would be listed somewhere in the clans historical text even the rare and hidden temple in which one could access the Tenseigan had been written in print by the elders of the clan... So what exactly was this place Reigetsu had stumbled upon? Something inside of her had been compelling her to finally complete the technique she had been working in for so long. Would doing so reveal the secret of the cave? If so Reigetsu needed to finish and find out. Continuing to focus and hone her chakra around her waist to form a cloak a similar procress to the other abilities, Reigetsu would manipulate the chakra to extend and protrude outward just above her intergluteal cleft in the form of a a tail from that of a lion.

While this tail appears mainly to be for decoration it allows for the Hyuga to maintain a certain growth and recovery of chakra despite taxing use of the other gentle step techniques,

"Gentle Step: Balancing Lion's Tail!"

Upon fully activating this technique the Eight Trigrams Circle on the floor woulf extend further now covering ninty percent of the circular space. Reigetsu was right... This room had been responding to her chakra and will and it would seem that completing this technique would allow for the Eight Trigrams Circle to completely cover the solid dry ground under her feet. It was almost time to find iut the secrets of this cave all she needed to do was finalize her signature technique and that's fully what she intended to do.

With each component now fully awakened and ready it was time to piece together the parts of this technique. Focusing her chakra one last time, each individual Gentle Step technique would slowly began to extend and spread into each other slowly forming one solid technique. The chakra cloaks themselves would began to extend no long being directly tethered to Reigetsu but engulfing and surrounding her as if the cloak was devouring its user. Now the cloak would competely form the shape of a massive lion surrounding the maiden instead of parts of what apparently was a whole. This technique would now appear to be similar with that of a smaller yet full body Hirudora, an eight gates technique,

"Eight Trigrams Final Step: Full Lion Ensemble!"

As the form finalized the room around Reigetsu would begin to shine the much brighter than before. While the Eight Trigrams Circle on the cave floor took its full shape the light on the ceiling produced by yhe Crystalline Stalactites would seemingly begin to form an image of something slightly familiar. The dome shaped ceiling covered in light seemd to display the image of the Byakugan and yet it was mucy different then an average one in which Rei herself had possessed. Was this some sort of illusion or trickery...?

No the image was to clear and calculated to be a simple joke. Was this what the Byakugan used to look like upon its inception? Maybe... But Reigetsu would have to wait until another day to find out the answer, as she had not noticed the Full Lion Ensemble technique would start to fad as her body hadn't perfectly learned to maintain the form just yet. As the giant lion cloak faded so had the imagine of the strange Byakugan on the ceiling and the Eight Trigrams Cricle on the cave floor. With these things gone Reigetsu would figure that it was time for herself to leave the cave she needed to pay a visit to her Grandfather she was almost sure that he would have the answers to the questions she had about this strange place.

Grabbing her equipment she sat down eariler she would quickly sprint out of the cave towards the exit where the sun would slowly began to set. Running down the face of the mountain towards a large patch of woods Reigetsu would turn around more to time to to say her final goodbye to the cave until she could return but to her amazement the entrance had completely disappeared! What in the world was going on? In anycase she would need to figure this out later as she needed to return to the village before she was surely branded a traitor or some sorts...

WC: 1,733 Words (Jutsu and Chakra Training Complete)

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Enter the Full Lion Mode! A Mysterious Cave!?!? (Chakra and Jutsu Training)
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