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Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 The Downfall(Private/Mugetsu)(Mature Topic)

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PostSubject: The Downfall(Private/Mugetsu)(Mature Topic)   Tue Nov 22, 2016 10:37 pm

Magunasu had not had a good day. He had woken up at three A.M; bound in ropes and watching Sarada getting taken away by some blonde-haired asshole. He had escaped in a short time, but it was no matter. She was gone, no matter where he looked. He looked in his favorite ramen shops, his less favorite ramen shops, hell even the brothels. No one knew anything. Even at noon, he couldn't find anything about her. This is when he reached his home, and found a note. A letter, written in no strange terms.

You took one of us down, We shall take you down starting from the people you're close to.

Attached were pictures of Sarada, in various states of distress. None of the pictures showed that she was hurt, which was a massive release for Magunasu, but he had to clear his mind. He ran, and sped, to his closest dealer. He bought the strongest stuff, and went to the closet bar and bought the strongest stuff there. He had to figure this out. He couldn't go tell Mu he had lost Sarada; watched her get taken away because he wasn't able to wake up when they were tying him. He couldn't face Mu in this case.

Once home, he swiftly stuffs the drugs in his pipe and started smoking them. It hit him instantly, as he starting drinking between hits on his pipe. He was literally two handing his vices, but it was for Sarada. At least, in his mind. He wasn't going to face Mu without getting Sarada back. After getting higher then a kite, and drunker then a regular at a bar, he sat and thought. He didn't know who that blonde-haired asshole was. He was making no progress, he couldn't think of where they were holding her based on the pictures, and he had to wonder how terrified she was.

 "I...I have to go. God dammit. I have to go. I can't solve this on my own, but Mu is going to kill me."

He elected to get even higher, to the point where he could barely walk, and combined with the strong stuff from the bar, if he wasn't him, he wouldn't have been walking. Not in the slightest, but that didn't matter. Not today, he had to get to Mugetsu. He grabbed the letter and pictures; He stumbled towards the large barracks that were actually Mugetsu's home. Once in front, he threw himself through the front door and fell on the floor.

"Mugetsu! Where are you! Mugetsu!"

If it weren't Mugetsu, one would probably think that it was someone else who had just burst through the door and fell on the floor. It was, however, Magunasu. In his normal clothing, with his pupils more dialated then should be allowed, and he just smelt of alcohol.

"She's gone! Sarada was taken!"
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PostSubject: Re: The Downfall(Private/Mugetsu)(Mature Topic)   Tue Nov 22, 2016 11:34 pm

The red eyed Phantom was in fact now home during the early morning of the mid day... He was off training and honing his skills in a private and reserved part of the clans compound. Today was especially an interesting day it was one that he got to spend with his brother, Kartas in which Mu ordered to retrieve a few things from his home barracks. The young and dazzling man would wait for his younger brother to return, as he viciously and swifty struck a training dummy with great precision.

"What is taking you so long Kartas..."


The young Nōblord, Kartas hastily hurried to find the item his brother had seeked. It would seem that his brother had forgetten his signature trench coat of some form... Why did he need it for a training session, Kartas would not know but it only seemed much easier to follow his directions. Kartas would find his brothers clothing as he heard a loud crash from his brothers front doors. The blonde short haired young man would sprint as his eyes rested on another individual that laid upon the destoryed doors.

Kartas would smack his right hand into his face as if he was annoyed as he noticed it was Magunasu who wreaked of alcohol and variois other... substances. But it would seem that he was still coherent enough to know that this was in fact Kartas' brother residence but not enough to distinguish him from Mugetsu...and who the heck was Sara one of the brothel ladies?

"Hey you idiot what do you think your doing to my brothers home... Hes gonna kill you or better yet should I? Who the hell is Sarada? If she is a prostitute I am definitely gonna kill you. Do you also know how bad you smell... Ugh wait until Mu hears about this...
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PostSubject: Re: The Downfall(Private/Mugetsu)(Mature Topic)   Wed Nov 23, 2016 1:29 am

"She's my daughter. Sarada is my fu*king daughter" He said, putting his hands to his face. He really did it this time. He fucked it all up. He would've been able to save her if he had woken up just ten minutes eariler. He was.. he was unconsious because his stupid drinking and drugs. Why did he do this to himself. He rolls himself on his back and there were tears streaming from his face. It's not a sight you'd see very often. Especially when he's doped and drunk. There was three ways out of the situtation, and according to the fact that this guy wasn't aware of who Sarada was, he was not Mu. That meant he was...Kartas. 

"Look. She was taken right in front of me, and I need to talk to Mu about this."

Mag didn't even have the strength to get up. He was in a pitiful state. He wanted, more then anything, to stab Kartas currently. He, however, was unable to muster the strength to do so. He had, in the time span of 8 hours, scoured literally everywhere in the village in a frantic run. Not only was he exhausted from eight hours of straight running, he was high and drunk. All of these things made him lack any strength he'd usually have in any of his limbs.

"And make sure that he understands I have... images him to look at. You can take them to him. Their in my front pocket, with a letter. He needs to see this, otherwise he won't believe me and will think I'm a crock full of shit."

The contents of the pockets were otherwise clean, nothing in them. It was obvious that he had come in a rush, otherwise, he would've been stocked up on his normal equipment. The only equipment he had on him was his ring, and even then it was god damn useless right now. All of this strength he supposedly had...and none of it to save his daughter. He had hit rock bottom, and he couldn't find a way out. Not right now. He had been trusted with one responsibility. One. He failed it. He doesn't even know who the letter was from.

He had killed a lot of people. He didn't take their names and ask for next of kin, he plunged his blade in their chest and laid them down. He was simple, effective and didn't bother with any of the shit a normal assassin would. He didn't care, refused to care. It wasn't his job right now. Getting Mugetsu's help to find and save Sarada took precedence over anything that would happen in relation to his job. It was the most important thing on his mind.

He couldn't even stay sober or clean in times of crisis. He cracked and did everything he wasn't supposed to. All because he was having a big problem that most ninja wouldn't even have. No. He had to be in that alcohol related black-out, nothing  was going to have woken him up except for the fact that they had accidentally touched him. Even then, the ropes were tight and he couldn't do anything against them. That was the most frustrating thing for Magunasu.

He was powerless. He was never powerless, often he had too much power for the situation. Even with the chunnin back when he was a chunnin, he had too much killing power. This was the exact opposite, and he couldn't tell what he hated more. What dragged him down further. He was wallowing in self-pity while a small girl named Sarada was probably crying because she was scared. She might be a student in the academy, but she's still a kid. Nothing prepares a kid for all that. Nothing.

Hell, he wouldn't lie. He'd be terrified. He makes no ideals that he's this fearless man. If he was, he wouldn't have crawled back to his pitiful drugs and alcohol. He wouldn't have crawled back to his vices before seeking Mugetsu's help. He should've gone to Mugetsu first, but couldn't bare to face him. Not when he had one job, and couldn't even succeed in that basic job. 

He didn't deserve to face him.
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PostSubject: Re: The Downfall(Private/Mugetsu)(Mature Topic)   Wed Nov 23, 2016 9:16 am

Kartas stood over the fool Magunasu, how could this sad man be his brothers closet friend and even his main advisor, those things alone should be reserved for Kartas or so he thought. He didnt feel as if this man was worth his brothers time so with that in mind he would intend on disposing of him before he dragged his brother down with him, to further justify his rage Kartas would remember that Mag had possessed the Heikigan their clans most sacred Dojutsu, why had it been bestowed upon this worthless pile of crap?

"Yeah right you bumblimg idiot who in their right mind would give you a child. Im not gonna help you get in contact with my brother you dont deserve to be in his presence especially like this. Hell if this kid somehow does exist she'd be better off with her captors then with you. I mean look at you, you cant even lift a finger how do you expect to talk to Mu... HUH?"

It was in that moment that Kartas would sprint foward aiming kick to Magunasu's abdomen. Upon contact the kick would send him flying back out it his brothers home. Taking his rather famed weapon Sokudo from deep within his assassin garments while also stepping over the pictures from the "supposed child he lost".

"I could take you out right now and there is nothing you would be able to do about it. No one would miss you and I would be able to take your Heikigan and use it to its fullest potential. You know what... Thats exactly what I am gonna do no one would believe you were murdered hell you wreak of drugs and alcohol. So say goodbye Magunasu."

Kartas would trigger Sokudo's ability to greatly increase his speed. In doing so this would allow him to move at a blurring speed in which no one could see what exactly he was about to do. The secondary phantom would sprint towards the direction in which he kicked Mag. With his blade aimed at his chest. If this attacked connected it would be enough to puncture his heart quickly ending his life.



Thats it... Mugetsu had waited long enough. It shouldn't have taken Kartas this long to receive a simple coat... Something must have happened, or had Kartas just been doing something else? Anyhow Mugetsu had intended to return to his home quickly to find out what the extensive wait was about and give his sibling a rather extensive scalding.

The moment he neared his housing complex he would hear a rather loud crashing noise. He would instinctively know that it somehow was his home. The crashing sound itself had been loud enough to draw the attention of other clan members in whuch Mu had to reassure that everything was alright. But what could this disturbance be? As the Red Eyed Phantom turned the corner off the pathway that led to the entrace of his own barracks he could see what appeared to be a person launched into the air from within the compound. In fact the person seemed to be Magunasu evident by the purple hair and his signature kimono... What had he been doing?

As Mugetsu neared the entrance he could not only hear Mag's voice but another one who currently held a harsh and rather violent tone,


As the primary phantom near the entrance it would seem his friend had been laying weak and defenless on the ground... The air filled by his stench of an all to familar scent of alcohol and drugs. This situation itself must not have been very good considering that his companion had not used any form of drugs within the last month. But this was not currently what had bother Mu.

No it would obviously be the extreme hatred and intent to kill coming from his little brother that had thrown Mu for a loop. This was something he had not seen to this extent before while he knew his brother harboured ill feeling towards most in the clan this was certainly not acceptable. Kartas in fact had not known that Mu was there and yet he still intended to harm Mag, Mu could not let this happen.

Sprinting forward with a much similar speed to his brothers Mu would activate his Heikigan... While his brother currently out classed him with his speed Mu would still be able to track his movments and better yet, close the gap between him and his brother with his Humming Step: Spacial Blow. Using this technique to erase the gap between him and his brother Mu would be able to seemingly teleport towards Kartas but something strange would happen. Once again a shadowy aura would surround his hand forcing it to become intangible but this would be the worst time possible.

Mugetsu would attempt to can control of the strange aura but instead the aura would began to manifest a strange metallic object that would strike Kartas' Sokudo and funny enough the metallic object gabe off the same aura as Sokudo... Was this the Phantom Metal Release, his littlebrother had possessed from an early age?

In any case as Mu would parry Kartas attack he would then move swiftly to strike his brother in the abdomen before he could realize what was happening to completely disable his moments.

Mu's blood red eyes would be filled with a seething rage as the shadowy aura from the Phantom Metal Release had fully covered his whole body. He would lift up his brother by the collar as he attempted to hold back administering another strike at his brother. But he needed to maintain his cool and figure out exactly what was going on.

"You have two minutes to explain to me whats going on, Kartas or you will not like whats going to happen... Mag what are you doing get up and get yourself together... We can talk about whats going on once you get a level head as of now you wont be able to properly communicate what you need to."

WC: 1,016 (Using this post to unlock Phantom Metal Release.)

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PostSubject: Re: The Downfall(Private/Mugetsu)(Mature Topic)   Wed Nov 23, 2016 8:52 pm

The kick that was heard everywhere in his body was on that hurt. He was consious enough. He was hurt, and saw that Kartas stepped on the photos that enraged him. Even when Mu came in and saved him, he was sobering up. Pain helped that, when it came in reverse order. The pain was dull compared, yeah, but it still hurt that he stepped on those pictures. Mag slowly got up, a testament to how wasted he was. However, when you hurt a mans pride, that's one thing. Insult him and tell him to die, when that's all he wants, is another.

"If my daughter were not in danger, you would be dead now. Kartas, you severly underestimate my ability. Once I get my daughter back, alive and well, if you touch me again, you will die."

It's not the first time he's said something like that, but it's the first time you could feel it in the air. You could feel Magunasu's want to absolutely slaughter Mugetsu's brother. 

"Mugetsu. On the floor, in your house, there are photos and a letter. They're relevant to what is happening with Sarada. She was taken, and the proof is with the pictures."

He, realistically, wanted to die. Undoubtedly, he wanted to die. That wasn't the matter at hand. He made his ring turn into a dagger and cut himself on his leg to finish clearing most of the high. He turned it back into a ring and put it back on his hand. This wasn't a situation Kartas had any right to be in, and he was going to make absolutely sure that Kartas knew it. It was simply obvious from a change in demeanor from Magunasu. His normally tall stature was slumped, his eyes tired. This wasn't a physical tired, it was a man who had faced the want before, but had kept it suppressed. He had no reason to do so today, as he was in the same area as two highly competent fighters. One he had faith he could end, and the other being Mugetsu. He didn't need any fancy abilities, at least, none more then he had. He had all he needed. He didn't even need his blade.

He knew Mugetsu would hold him back, so he didn't move an inch. It was a pointless effort if he did attempt it, since Mugetsu would probably end him right here. He wasn't good enough in the head to fight Mugetsu, not without hurting as he did. Sure, he could probably make some headway in a fight with the two, but it'd end up with him lying dead on the ground. He didn't have the signifigant equipment they had, not did he have the right mental state. After all, he only wanted to kill Kartas, not Mugetsu. Mugetsu had done nothing wrong. He just had the insufferable brother. It wasn't his fault, and if anything, he felt like Mugetsu wouldn't die before the prick. He wasn't one to just flaunt his abilities. There was no point.

He just used them whenever he needed to. He hadn't need, normally. He normally enjoyed a life of sexual exploits, drinking and drugs. Sure, he was immensely capable of combat. He was probably one of the better stealth-users out there due to his actual temperment. He was, simply enough, a man who did what he had to to enjoy himself. He didn't enjoy having this urge to murder- no slaughter- a man, but it happened with Kartas.  It was a simple matter of situation. If his daughter, however new, was in danger, that took credence over anything else he wanted to slaughter, that included Mugetsu's absolute despicable human being of a brother.

Mag understood that he wasn't a good human being, but at least he knew what he was capable of. He was not stupid. He knew that he couldn't handle fighting people that were a certain level of strong, but to Magunasu, Kartas held none of that in his mind. At least, that what's Magunasu could figure out. If Kartas was smart, he would've murdered Mag on the ground, and not have kicked him. The pain was hollow, and the high was gone. The mix of the two made Magunasu a very volatile man. One that Kartas should fear.

"I need your help, and even if you don't lend it. I will find Sarada, and kill who took her." He spoke to Mu.
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PostSubject: Re: The Downfall(Private/Mugetsu)(Mature Topic)   Wed Nov 23, 2016 10:03 pm

This was it... The moment he had been waiting for the opportunity to prove that he was superior to those weilding the Heikigan. Kartas within the last moments of his assualt would put every ounce of force he had into this attack. Within a few moments of connecting the blow to Magunasu's chest the secondary phantom woulf see a shadowy figure appear next to the both of them. At this point he had already known exactly who it was, but it was too late to stop... Focusing his vision in his brother he would notice a very strange even of occur. His brother had suddenly acquired the ability to use Kartas' signature Kekkai Touta, Phantom Metal Release.

Why had it always seemee as if Mugetsu was always one step ahead of Kartas, first the Heikigan and now even the Phantom Metal, Kartas blood boiled with anger. But before he could act any further his attack towards Magunasu would both be parried and followed upon by a swift punch from his brother. Kartas would fall to the ground clinching his stomach as, he finally now thought about what he had done. As his brother picked him up by his collar and asked him to explain Kartas could not look Mu in his eyes. He had once again disgraced and disrespected his brother all because of his inability to control his anger. Just before beginning to talk he would rip away from his brothers grip sure that his punishment was coming anyhow.

"I am...sorry, Mu... It happened again but this time I couldnt stop myself. I didnt want to kill Magunasu I....I swear. I just wanted to teach him a lesson. You shouldn't have to keep constantly taking care of a man thats not willing to change... Even for this so called child he cares for... If anything what I just did helped him to get back on track...."

Even now Kartas still held and unreasonable amount of anger enough that he would not allow himself to see the error in his ways. He in fact intended to kill Magunasu but he could not just blatantly say that to his brother. The secondary phantom would just sit back and wait for his brothers punishment as he somehow managed to ignor Magunasu's idle threats.


Mugetsu would listen carefully to Kartas' words while, he was right this was not the first time soemthing like this happened this was the most extreme. Although Mugetsu wanted badly to teach his brother a lesson, he was more worried and sad then anything. This intense and blinding anger would eventually be his demise and Mu could not bare to be without his brother. Allowing him to tear from his grip, Mu would walk towards his brother with the same dull expression-less eyes as always but this time he would do something that he had never done before... He would hug his little brother, that was all that he could do in this given situation although Mu was as cold of an assassin as one could be, even he knew that love was one of the things that could wash away even the darkest of hearts.

"Kartas, while I am incredibly angry with you, I don't think violence is the way to handle this. Now I want you to go home and we can deal with this lat-.

Before Mu could even finish his sentence he would feel something he had not felt in a long time. In intense and sharp murderous intent. He didnt need to look behind him to know that it was coming from Mag, infact the Red Eyed Phantom would instinctively push his little brother back before even assessing the situation behind him. For Mag to release this level of murderous intent was something that even Mu himself would be afraid of, while he was sure he could handle and protect himself, the Red Eyed Phantom knew that he would not be able to protect his brother if Mag truly wished to harm him. It was then that Mu was forced to listen to Mags words...

So that was what this was, Sarada. It would seem that she had been kidnapped, THIS would certainly be enough to trigger such a response in Mag. As he heard about the pictures resting in the floor, Mu would wave to Kartas to retrieve them, there was no way that Mu would move from inbetween them,

"Mag, firstly let me apolgize on Kartas behalf... To atone for my brothers actions and as the head of our clan I will give you any support you need to make sure we get your daughter back. I must ask that you please hold no ill will against my brother, Id rather not want to fight you to the death to protect my brother, my dear friend. So could you please hold back your murderous intent until we find thoughs kidnappers.

The moment Kartas would hand Mu the photos he would scan over them in great detail, still having his Heikigan activate he could see hidden messages written on the back of the photo's that Mu would guess only thier particular Dojutsu could see. He would be able to see and address referencing the location of an abandoned warehouse, how cliche. If these people only knew what they were good as dead they certainly would have taken extra precautions, but that didnt matter now. Mu needed to find a way to calm his friends anger and the only way he could do that was to find Sarada. Extending the pictures to Mag he would motion for him to activate his Heikigan to see the hidden messages.

Mu would then proceed to turn back to his brother while Mag would read the messages, "Kartas, I need you to stay here while me and Mag go to retrieve his daughter, by the time we get back you will owe Mag an a sincere apology and you will also clean up this mess and repair my doors. Consider this time a warning try it again and you be administered a much more drastic punishment."

One could be able to tell that Mugetsu held a soft spot for his brother, especially after what he had done it would seem that Mu could only shun him for his actions. Had he gone too easy on Kartas. Ah in any case he needed to be there for his friend and furthermore needed to recuse a member of his clan.[/color]
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PostSubject: Re: The Downfall(Private/Mugetsu)(Mature Topic)   Thu Nov 24, 2016 12:16 am

Magunasu turned on his Hekigan, and confirmed it. Warehouse in which he must have forgotten to look, or looked over. He brought his weapon back out and looked at it.

"Mugetsu. Make sure that your brother understands something, alright? He can talk shit about me, I don't care. The second he talks shit about Sarada, he dies. If he ever does again, he's dead. You know you can't stop me. You could kill me after, but you wouldn't be able to stop me from killing him first."

His voice was deadpan, completely devoid of the personality that would normally be custom with him and his voice. He knew exactly what he was talking about. He took his weapon, which was in his hands, and threw it in the wall closest, that wasn't the home of his dearest friend. It stuck, soundly, into the wall. He was ready as soon as possible. He made sure he was ready by taking off his Kimono, and started the pre-mission stretches that he hadn't done since he was a Genin. He was taking this every bit as serious as he could. There was no playing around. He was serious when he said that he'd kill Kartas if he even talked about Sarada.

He meant every last word. Mugetsu had to know that. There was few things he wanted dead, and Kartas was one of those few things. The other things ranged from himself to a drug dealer deep in the forest. It was a rather short list, in all honesty. It's not a bad thing, to have a short list. One must, however, consider why it's such a short list. The reason? He's killed most things that he's either gotten on the list, or got near the list. His hands were not these clean things that had never tasted blood.

It was the opposite actually. Mugetsu might be the more effective assassin, stealth-wise, but Mugetsu didn't fight people as well as Magunasu. At least, in Magunasu thought so. Mugetsu was sure scary, but it didn't matter. Not at this point. It just mattered that they knew where Sarada was. Sarada, the one who was kidnapped, was still in the village. That meant something. That meant that the kidnappers were god damn stupid.

"Mu. Forgive me. I'm going to show those kidnappers why dressing me up as a ninja was a terrible idea. When in reality, I'm quite bloodthirsty."

He was frank, as he grabbed his blade from the wall and started walking towards away. He had one, last parting word for Kartas.

"Learn some respect, else it'll get you killed. Even intoxicated and drugged, I could take you on and win. I'm faster, strong and more experienced."

He didn't need to say anything about the Hekigan. He wouldn't use it in that fight anyway. The kid might have been a Jounin, but for him, it was only a title. He would bet his life that there were genin that, by some messed up method, were just as strong as he was. He didn't care. It wouldn't matter. Not now, not ever. Rank meant jack when it came down to everything. It just gave you a lame idea of how strong someone was. Some, like him, were strong from even their rank, others were weak, he felt Kartas was one of those very weak jonin, who in a fight, based too much on what they could do, and weren't cautious enough to know what they couldn't do.

What you can't do is just as important as what you can do. Magunasu knew this first hand. He had been in sutation after situtaion, that without the fear of either death or failure, he would've gotten himself or some other person killed. He knew this and always kept in consideration.  This caution bred from fear of failure is the only reason he was still around today. It's the only reason he was capable of that some weren't. He knew that he wasn't the strongest, and he knew that going into something all foll-hardy and sure of yourself was god damn pointless. It's what got Sarada killed. He had gotten drunk and was no longer in poseccion of the one daughter he's ever had. The one. He's never had anything else, and it was taken away from him by some nobody who didn't deserve to do this. 

He wasn't actually someone in most peoples eyes. He, however, knew one thing. One thing that you shouldn't have ever done. Dress him up like a ninja, because God knew that it wasn't what he was. Sure, he had the skills. Sure, he had the strength and speed. His personality wass acceptable for a ninja, but what he really was, was a demon. A sword-fighting, swearing, drugging demon who didn't deserve any compainionship and felt that those around him were in constant danger.

It was a matter of the fact that... whoever was around him always seemed to be in danger. Sure, in the world he lived in that was a constant fact, but he felt that the factor was multipled by tens of thousands when araround him, and a big part of that was himself. He was as liable to kill yoiu as was the enemy, because by all means, the years of drinking and drug abuse had left whim with questionable mental stability, and above that, he had the personality problem. His personality was that of a sociopath who was only capable of rage and anger, sadness but never true happiness. That was reserved for those who deserved it.

He, in his head, didn't deserve it. There was absolutely no reason that he deserved it. He had done nothing good in his life time, except for want to kill bad people. Hell, he's also wanted to kill good people. It didn't matter the sort. Sure, he seemed happy, and sometimes was. A blissful happy that was knee-deep in something that a ninja should never be doing with a random person, unguarded. He was only happy when he was in the act of coitus. He was rarely happy outside of that. It was something terrible that only he knew about.

He couldn't understand how Mugetsu handled his emotions like he did. Hell, he wouldn't blame Mugetsu for dealing with his outbursts like Kartas does. Kartas, he feels, isn't completely unreasonable. Who else would know his brother like Kartas? Kartas had to know Mugetsu better than Magunasu, because they were brothers. In truth, other then some secrets, Magunasu had no idea how Mugetsu worked, even after all these years of being with him, he had no idea how he worked.

That, in truth, bothered Magunasu. He prided himself on two things, and knowing Mugetsu was one of them. Upon realizing that he didn't know Mugetsu that well, there was a grown of rage. His aura floated around, easily and freely. He hadn't a care in the world about it, if it scared people, or anything. The grip on his weapon grew tighter the more he thought about the whole situation, and how much of a filure he, himself, was. Mugetsu probably would've kept her safe, probably wouldn't have let this happen, but Magunasu did. Magunasu felt like trash. This was an extreme situation that he hoped would've never happened. 

No. It had to. It had to have happened under his care, when he was passed out. Why? Why today? Why the one day he wouldn't be able to defend her? Did they know? DId they know that he had drunk too much? No. That was impossible. They couldn't have. Absolutely impossible. That could not have happened, right? No, impossible.

Something in his mind slicked. He suddenly became deathly calm, his aura completely gone. This was probably more terrifying to someone who was trained then his aura on howing. He turned his blade, back into a ring, and put the ring on his left hand. He liiked down and stopped. He was 3/4ths of the way there, and he sat down for a moment and took a deep breath. This was important, that he did this. He accalmed himself to a dangerous extent, it was almost a zen-like state, but it was back. The one thing that made him separate from most ninja. His ability to call upon his aura. Well, aura was a general term. He was a master of making himself look calm, or making himself look angry. In fact, he's spent so much time making these lies that half the time, he wasn't entirely sure about how he felt. 

He, however, knew. He knew how he felt. He felt angry, furstrated. He felt depressed and he felt like he was a failure. He felt like Kartas was right. That he'd die and no one would give even a minute out of their day to mourn. After all, he was just a gutter rat, right? Someone who spent all their time chasing pleasure and never training. What was the point, right?

It was at this point, he had to ask himself a question. Why should he worry anymore? What was the point when it all came crashing down anyway. It all came down and hurt him and his friends, his family and often complete strangers. He smacked himself, remembering why he should. Why he should worry. It keeps him alive, and keeps him running at the condition he was normally. He might normally be drunk, he might normally be on drugs, but he was always ready for a fight. You never wanted to instigate a fight, that makes you live a little longer. Not fighting means living a little longer on average.

He sucked at that. He had been in so many fights, and he was only 24. Even though he was in the prime of his life, it sure didn't feel like it. It felt like he had already lived too long. He felt something on his arm, a flame with a black outline, but didn't understand what it was, and forced it down with his chakra, not caring for it to exist. He'd rather snuff it out like he wished someone would snuff his own fire out.

It, however, was too late for that. That was his job, to snuff someone else light out before they snuffed Sarada's out. If Sarada died... he wasn't sure what he'd do. He really wasn't. It wasn't even that he loved her, not at this point. They hadn't grown that close... or had they? I had been maybe a week since the incident, and he had gone shopping and had some fun. He couldn't have grown close, right?

But. Then why else would he have defended her so...vigorously? That made no sense to him. This whole situation made no sense to him, and it frustrated him. Why didn't it make sense? Why couldn't he make sense of it? Why? Nothing fit, because that one piece was missing. The small piece; who actually did it? He didn't see anything but blonde hair. The hair was as blonde as his eyes were gold, almost the same in hue. That's all he properly remembered before they had pissed off with his kid. That was the gravest insult, taking the kid.

He wouldn't have cared if he had gone missing, no, they wanted him to suffer. They wanted him to feel the true terror that was losing someone you loved. Did he kill someone they loved? Probably.

( Arch Demon Flame Trained-  1912/1000)

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PostSubject: Re: The Downfall(Private/Mugetsu)(Mature Topic)   Fri Nov 25, 2016 7:27 am

Kartas stood there almost dumbfounded as his brother hugged him. This was something that he had not experienced before and it was almost enough to completely disperse any anger or ill intentions in his heart. Kartas would briefly feel remorse for his actions as his brother spoke to him about a non violent solution to his problem.

Out of all the people that Kartas had ever known  the only one who truly for and and attempted to help him work through all the pain and anger in his heart was his older brother... Even his own father has truly resented Kartas, seeing as how he had killed his mother because of complications with his birth. The secondary phantom would have to force himself to hold back the tears that has begun to gather in his eyes.

Just as he couldn't fight them anymore it would seem that he would be jolted back to reality, as his brother would push him backs in response to an intense murderous intent aimed at Kartas. The secondary phantom within this slight moment had been to distracted to fear the aura and better yet he had seemed to be more surprised at how his brother reacted to this powerful, piercing, and deadly murderous intent. This was another time he had experienced something new from his brother, fear.

Had Magunasu been this strong enough to inflict this ever so slightly sense of fear into his brother, no. Kartas was sure that Mu could handle himself against Mag if he needed, so why had he been worried?

Kartas had quickly pieced together that his brother was worried about him. Once again the secondary phantom would wondering if the person he dubbed the bumbling idiot earlier was strong enough to break through his brother just to get to him.

No he couldn't have been, and even if he somehow would manage to get past Mu, Kartas was more then sure he could handle himself... Still gripping his blade like daggers, "Sokudo", Kartas would once again feel the urge to act out against his better mind. He would have continued to do so if he hadn't thought about the hug from his brother just moments ago. This once again was enough to diffuse his own foolish feelings and yet his crystal red eyes still held so much misplaced fury.

Upon being signalled to go hand his brothers the pictures from the supposed kidnapping Kartas would slowly drag his feet to the entrance of his brothers home. Picking up the photos he would observe then and instantly feel regret, she was just a little girl not meant to be in this type of situations, this was none other than Magunasu's fault why he's so busy misplacing his anger towards Kartas about him down talking the little girl, the secondary phantom wasn't sure if Magunasu spent enough time blaming himself.

Every...single...time Kartas would meet or be around Magunasu, the secondary phantom would smell a random assortment of fragrances all ranging from various alcohols to suspicious smells in which he were sure were dangerous drugs... The bumbling idiot had even somehow convinced, Mugetsu that he wasn't taking drugs and this was truly something that angered Kartas especially when his brother had chosen to apology to him every time something unfavorable happened for the kimono wearing monkey.

It was truly annoying and sad that his brother would simply completely disregard his own morals for Magunasu and yet it would seem that time and time again the man would spit in Mu's face... Handing his brother the pictures he would place his weapons back into his assassins garments as he remembered to get his brothers coat. Seeing as how it seemed Mu was going to leaving in a moments notice anyway, Kartas had decided to retrieve it for his brother, while him and Magunasu discussed the photos.

The moment he found Mu's coat he would pick it up and see a photo fall from it. Once again had this intense feelings of being cared for struck Kartas, the photo in his brother pocket had been of the two when they were much younger, the secondary phantom himself on 3 years old while his brother would be 6.

Stuffing the photo back to how he found it he would return the coat to his brother just moments before retrieving a few chores and forced to think of an apology for Mag in response to his reckless actions.

Shaking his head in agreement to Mu's wishes he would return back to the barracks to began cleaning up the mess. But before doing so he would completely ignore Magunasu's words and whisper something that only his brother could hear,

"Thanks, Mu.

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Mugetsu would listen carefully to Mag's words as he deactivated his Heikigan he would promise to himself that he would work with Kartas to diffuse the anger in his heart, if that was the last thing the Red Eyed Phantom would do...

It was completely true that Mu wouldn't be able to stop Mag from hurting his brother without at least putting his own life in danger, which surely wouldn't be a problem be he would also have to consider what he would do after he would fall to Mag's blade.

He was sure that his brother wouldn't run in this situation even when he was utterly outclassed and that was another of Kartas' flaws.

Watching his friends blade fly into wall was certainly his way of promising that he meant every would he said, it was something that Mag had done when he first met Mu, something they both called the assassin's promise.

As Mu watched his friend to prepare like he would when they first met this had finally registered to Mu, his friend had finally gotten past his problems if only temporarily. Even if this whole situation had become sour, Mu had now believed that leaving Sarada in Mag's hands he been the right choice.

Even within the short week the girl had already impacted the warrior so much that her temporary disappearance could possibly be the catalyst that would allow for his friend to get back on his feet... Had this been a terrible way to go about this change? Yes, but it had been enough to force Mag to think not only about himself even if it was only after she was taken.

Having some depend on you for survival was something that not only triggered and internal parental instinct but along with it a sense of responsibility and a reason to fight through the suffering of everyday life.

In fact this was the very reason Mugetsu hadn't ended up like Mag, from the age he was very young he had always had someone depending on him... From his clinically bipolar little brother, to his alcoholic and abusive father in which he took on all alone, his very best friend who he had refused to believe we're still dabbling in drugs, and now the entire Noblord Clan.

Dealing with all these things did not allow for Mugetsu to wallow in his own emotions and it quite honestly was for the better. His ability to keep his emotions in check is what truly made him one the most effective assassins in Yamigakure. Mugetsu held the weight of everyone's problems on his shoulder because in honesty he needed them to continue to move on of course he would eventually have to talk them out but now or anytime soon would not be the appropriate time to do so.

But of course those emotions were still there and occasionally bother him but before they could even become a problem they were quickly smothered by his responsibilities.

In anycase Mu had needed to remove his thoughts from this matter, now was not the time to be thinking about these issues, but him seeing the massive progress and impact, Sarada had made on Mag in such a short amount of time brought Mugetsu hope that one day he could finally address the issues deep within his own mind.

Focusing his attention back to Mag as he spoke about the kidnappers he would shake his head, they deserved whatever was coming to them and Mu would accompany Mag to see to that none of them escaped with no less than a thing string clinging them to their life.

Mu would take his coat from his brother as him and Mag set out to retrieve his daughter, within a few moments of leaving the Noblord Complex he would notice that what Mag called his aura would still be fluctuating at rather extreme levels, but that's not what caught the Red Eyed Phantoms attention...

It was a small yet interesting flame covering Mag's arm... At first the flame had appeared to be a normal flame and yet it differed in a sense that a black outlining flame surrounded the majority of it. While this normally wouldn't be surprising to Mu as even he himself a randomly stumbled upon new and interesting advanced natures, this was something the phantom had not seen before.

This particular flame had reminded him of a technique accessible only by the Uchiha Clan or those who possessed their eyes, known as Amaterasu, and yet the flame itself was not completely black like he had heard about, so even further this flame had intrigued Mu. Just as Mag had introduced his chakra to the flame it would diminish, so hard it responded to his chakra?

In that case Mugetsu wanted to test something without bothering Mag. Placing his hand behind his back he would concentrate a heavy amount of chakra into his palm while slowly morphing it into a paramagnetic energy field which specifically would call for anything that desired chakra to exist.

This skill Mugetsu would display would be from an advanced nature known as Magnet Release that phantom had just recently mastered in the training sessions with his brother. While it was a very peculiar nature it certainly holds advantages that the user could use to fend off foes in battles.

In fact this had been the first time Mugetsu himself had successfully used the Paramagnetic path of the magnet release as it required great focus and skill, but in this particular case Mugetsu was able to use it find out more of this mysterious flame he had hoped this display of power would work on the flame before they continued to search for Sarada.

WC: 1,743/1,000 (Mastered Magnet Release)
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There was a light above his head, although not literally. He had an idea, a dangerous one. He got up, and there it was again. The aura of a man who wanted to kill, but it was different.  It was laced with a sense of serenity. A sense of knowing what was about to go down, and accepting that he wouldn’t be called a ninja after this.

“Mugetsu. I’m going to be honest. Everyone inside that building is going to die, or I’m going to. I request that you stay out for approximately 10 minutes before coming in. If you come in any sooner, I will most likely try to kill you. I’m going to walk in there with one mission. Kill everyone that isn’t Sarad a. I am a furious man, a failure of a man, but there’s one thing I certainly am. I’m a demon dressed as a Ninja, friend. You will finally realise that all I am is wasted potential.”

He opened the door the the place, and was met with a group of about thirty people. Just sitting around, with Sarada strung up by her wrists upon a rafter, just hanging there. That had to painful, and he wasn’t even sure how long she had been there. He knew, just by looking, that she wasn’t awake. The people around him got up, and he yelled out one thing.

“Mugetsu! Close the door!”

The people on the floor were dealt with with immense speed. It wasn’t them that was his goal, after all. It was the prime asshole who walked out from the back of the warehouse. It was a mix between the auras, one of complete serenity, the other a man on a mission. Everywhere around him were bodies with various levels of cuts and various levels of dead. Some, it was obvious died on the first cut, but it had only taken him five minutes to kill 30 people. That left him five minutes.

Who’s auras was who? Anyone could ask the question, and neither actually properly knew. However, as the white-haired asshole came up, he threw a single kunai and caught Sarada as she fell, placing her on the floor.

“It’s something special, you are, I mean. You never, ever considered that this would be a terrible idea. I heard you out there, by the way. Something about… a demon dressed as a ninja? What a phony. I’ve met actual demons, and they are far scarier. You and your auras don’t mean much to me. Now, stay and talk, else I slit her throat.”

Magunasu held his dagger for a few seconds before turning it back to a ring and shoving it in his pants pocket as a sign of committal. He wasn’t going to do anything.

“You certainly weren’t quiet, and it was quite easy to check to see the correct day. You had killed my brother. Something I was tempted to attempt, but that was far too difficult. He, unlike you, is a very dangerous human being. Is he even human? I’m unsure. He’s far too calm and collected, and if what I heard was right..”

At this point, was when Mag had told Mu to wait to, and if it had happened or not, had been up to Mugetsu.

“I’m a very busy man who just wanted you to have a bad time. You can have this prissy little child. She caused quite a few problems for us, you know that. She bit, she fought, she absolutely refused to go down. So; being the problem solver I am, smacked her on the side of the head and tied her up. No more problems. I know it’s in bad flavor to monologe… but, I just wanted to ask one thing. Why’d you do it? Why’d you kill my brother?”

“Who was he? I killed a lot of people in a lot of places.”

“Tsch. Of course, well. I’ll keep my composure.  I wish you luck.” He kicked Sarada on his way out, and walked out, using some kind of jutsu to produce an insane amount of light to blind Magunasu and Mugetsu.

Magunasu didn’t care. He went over to Sarada, wrapped his arms around her, and just laid there with her.
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The Downfall(Private/Mugetsu)(Mature Topic)
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