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Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 All of Kat's Elemental Training [Private/Solo]

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PostSubject: All of Kat's Elemental Training [Private/Solo]   Tue Dec 06, 2016 8:50 am

Katsuo walked through the forest to his training ground the he has been using for some weeks now. Now he was here to learn a new jutsu to become a stronger ninja. This time he was going to further advance his fire element, learning the jutsu Great Fireball Jutsu. The jutsu itself was around the same level as the last jutsu he learned, but it was going to be a little harder this time around. He hasn’t trained his fire element too much, and this jutsu was going to take some precise chakra control. What he noticed that a lot of the fire element jutsus were mainly focused on spitting out flames. This jutsu was just a gateway to do stronger and better fire element jutsus. Katsuo already knew one fire style jutsu already and it was basically the smaller version of this new jutsu he was learning. He was gonna use that jutsu has as a starting point to help him execute Great Fireball jutsu.
First however he had to go somewhere safe, because of his training grounds his completely surrounded by woods. Luckily he didn’t have to search too hard because he knew there was a lake nearby so he jumped through the woods landing on the branches for only a few seconds before jumping off of them. He was at the lake within five minutes, and he took off his jacket to make it a little easier to breath. The weather wasn’t too bad, the temperature being no more than eighty five degrees. It was a few hours away from noon when Katsuo got ready to practice this new jutsu. So the main point of this jutsu was too make sure he had enough chakra in his lungs which he then had to transform it into his fire element. Katsuo took a deep breath, and then he filled his lungs with his chakra and spit it all out. But all that came out was one ball of fire that was no bigger than a golf ball. Katsuo tried to do the jutsu the exact same way, but failed horribly again, not even being able to a basketball sized fireball.
Confused, Katsuo sat down next to the lake and pulled a scroll out of his pants pocket. The scroll contained information about the jutsu itself and how to do it. Katsuo read it all the way until the end and felt stupid afterwards. On both attempts to do the jutsu he hadn’t put any chakra in his throat as well. This was suppose to make a big difference, from how the scroll described it, Katsuo was supposed to be overflowing with chakra. It also said that Katsuo was supposed to transform the chakra a little bit before he actually spit it out. The last thing the scroll stated was that he needed to blow out as hard as he could to keep the flames away from his face, the best example the scroll gave oddly enough was to think of it blowing a balloon at a party. Katsuo took all the information into account when he stood up again to do his third try. He took a deep breath letting his chakra fill up his throat and lungs, and he held his breath for a few seconds. As he let his chakra flow out by blowing he changed it into flames while blowing as hard as he could. The more he blew, the bigger the ball of flame got.
By the time Katsuo got done, the ball of fire was huge. It was like looking up at the sun that had fallen from its ledge. The ball of fire moved slowly across the lake, while also getting gradually smaller the farther it went until it finally dissipated. Katsuo smiled the whole time as he watched it get smaller. However, there was still one more step to this jutsu. The jutsu could be used two ways, one in the form of a huge ball and two as a flame thrower. The flamethrower form of it was done the same way, but the only difference was that Katsuo had to have his lips a little bit tighter and blow a little less. Katsuo decided to take a little break to recompose himself. He took this chance to look at the scroll he had to make sure he was doing the right thing. So far he was doing everything right, he still wanted to try to do the flamethrower form of the jutsu. He didn’t just wanna say its the same way and try to do it in a battle and fail. Failing in battle was the wrong thing to do and it was best practice as much as he could at that moment.

After he got the chance to take a break and gather his thoughts he got ready to use the jutsu again. He took a deep breath, filling his lungs and throat with chakra. He then let the jutsu loose while following the scrolls instruction about the flamethrower form. He got it on his first try with a stream fire coming out of his mouth. From Katsuo’s perceptive, it looked really cool, he felt like some kind of dragon from a child’s bedtime story. After he got done he put his jacket back on and started to head out to the woods.

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PostSubject: Re: All of Kat's Elemental Training [Private/Solo]   Tue Dec 06, 2016 12:14 pm

Today was going to officially be the first day of his training, the excited young man could not wait for it. For the past few days, he was just thinking about what new things that he was going to be learning. For example, what techniques that he would carry out. The reason why he needed to wait was so that the Takashi twins would think up of the lesson. Five days were needed, and today was the day where they have their first meetup, in the same area that they had met, just a little bit further down the meadows and towards the desert area. The borders however were considered to be a part of the territory of the village, so it was technically still a village. And so once he made it towards the area, he would be waiting. Admittedly, he was a bit early, thanks to his excitement. But at least his ambition was going to get him fairly far. Well, to have training, it was required to have a minimum of a teacher and a student. And he was the student. Sometimes notes or research can act as the teacher, but most of the time, it was another human being. So that was going to have to wait for a bit. What could the Akari do in the meantime so that he would not get bored? Well, Taijutsu was possibly an option, seeing as it does not get too much Chakra drained. But what would he practice it on? It made sense to get stronger, sure, but that did not mean he had to do anything that would require him to be alone. Maybe he could summon a Lightning clone with a decent amount of Chakra, thus making the both of them able to fight each other for the moment until Takashi and Tekeshi both arrived. Then again, to make a clone in the first place, he was going to have to use a lot of Chakra, and he was going to need it so he had a fire technique ready. So what could he do? Little did he know that thinking of the question was keeping him busy and preventing him from being bored. Ironic how life worked that way. So the boy would continue of thinking ways to restore his Chakra, maybe by becoming a Medical ninja, he would be able to retain and restore Chakra. As much of a good idea as that had sounded, it would not make sense. The boy was an extreme type of person who played offensively. To play with healing and defenses was not quite the path that he wanted to take. Hopefully he might be able to escape that stage one day, considering how useful it was in the first place. Fire was designed to create chaos and burn things down, so there were not too many things that would heal him. Unless it related to the Phoenix. The Phoenix was able to recover every time it died. So it never truly died... It just went to sleep for a bit. One says that trying to kill it while it is sleeping is a possible option, but if it was able to put itself back together again, then there seems to be a problem. Then again, it was known as the immortal phoenix, not the invincible Phoenix.
“Heyo Katsuo! I see you are up bright and early! “ Takashi would announce to the boy as he came in walking casually. Yes! There he was! After a little bit, Katsuo was beginning to think that they might have forgotten it. But he had been proven wrong as the both of them had just arrived. Maybe a little bit later than he expected, but they were still there! And so he would stand up and look over to them before giving them both a salute. “Yup! I am ready! What am I learning today?” He was a blunt child, wanting to know what he was going to learn today. On the plus side, he had good intentions and was clearly dedicated to learning. It was an honor to be able to learn both fire and lightning. It was very comforting to learn that he was able to have such good teachers help him out. And while it did disappoint him that he was unable to do this with a team, he might be able to make the best out of them. That did give him an idea though. What if used his Lightning clones and had them use Transformation before having them take on two different identities. Then again, that has probably been done before, and he would not like to face the wrath of the ones who were giving the teams out. And so he would refrain from doing so stupid. Maybe if he got a Tanuki, he might be able to make it give him a new character. Wait, no. First off... He heard many myths of the them, but that did not mean that one did exist. And as fun as they seemed, they also seem to be rather arrogant based on what he has seen. Probably a bad idea since he and arrogance don't mix too well. Maybe it was better if they don't exist. But now... What can he do? Probably do what he has been doing without a team for a little while until the fact changes. “Well, we plan to teach your a pretty big technique. But it requires a couple of small ones first. This one is still very useful though, it is called the Fire Style: Great Blaze Ball technique. Just like it sounded, you can make a big fireball out of it. Alternatively, you can make a big stream of fire and have it form in the shape of a cone. Whatever the choice it, is it yours in the end. But once you have the technique down, you only need to learn one more and you will be set to learn the big fire technique we have prepared for you. Are you ready is the question.” That sounded so promising! The smile placed on the hooded boy would form into a white toothy grin as he raised an excited fist up into the air. “Let's do it then! What do I need to do to carry out the Great Blaze Ball though?” The boy would ask, return his lips to a smile since he stopped speaking. And so it was now time for them to explain it. Takashi would take the wheel. “You need to focus all of the flames towards your stomach, where your lungs are. And with that Chakra, it is going to turn into fire. This is why you will feel a lot of heat there. There are only two signs, because it is that simple. I'm, sure you have learned things with 5 back at the academy.” Yes, that was true. This guy knew what he was talking about at least. Techniques that are considered A rank use two signs, it was amazing hows this world worked. “The first sign is Dragon. The second is Bird. Third is Horse. Fourth is Snake. Fifth is Tiger Once you have those out, just breathe in while holding the Tiger sign, and then let it all out. Let them all have it! That sounded like the plan. All right, Horse, Bird, Horse, Snake, Tiger, Hold Tiger, breathe in, and breathe out.” Sounded simple enough.
The boy placed his palm forwards, both of them rather, and would then look over towards the other two. With a nod to them, and a nod in reply, the boy would face the opposite direction of them, more towards the sand before he would then weave the signs, both of them. The temptation to let go of the sign was great, and his palms were shaking before he realized that he could not do that, and so he would keep them together and look back towards them. They would nod their heads once again, confirming that he was doing a good job. All right, sounded great. So that was three of the fives steps. Remembering the fourth one, he needed to send his Chakra towards his stomach, since that is where his lungs are located. And so he would relax, letting the energy go through him naturally before it then reached that point. Great Blaze Ball Jutsu! The boy would exclaim, breathing in heavily in order to get the air needed to fuel the chakra. Oxygen made flames, and so he would take in a lot of it. Holding it in for a few seconds so that the air pressure would amplify, he would make sure to lock the flames in before he felt them at his throat, and they had that weird ashy taste. There was going to be a point in which it might start to hurt him if he held it for too long, and he full well knew that, and so he would release it all out, a huge mass of flames forming a sphere of fire in front of him, launching out a good distance for a S rank technique, and just like that, the boy had been taught how to use the fireball. Greatest fireball in fact. That was easy. And in return, he place his hands up in victory while the twins would praise him for what he had done. You got it done right on the first shot kid. Much more impressive than we though. At this rate, you are probably going to learn everything faster than we had expected. Oh man, they were all so kind to him. And the second one would continue with the praise to help lift up his spirits. And oh man was it working. Not a bad job at all. Maybe we could teach ya the next technique. Or maybe we should hold it off, we can't rush through the plan so quickly now can we? Well, at least Katsuo got praised by the both of them. And now what was the next step? Pheonix Sage Fire Jutsu was fairly simple in all honesty. He mastered it in no time. He would go back to the village and get some ramen, with extra pork, waiting for the next day to arrive and to learn a new technique. Thank you both so much! I can't wait for tomorrow then, I'll be here bright and early! There was no lack of development this time either! There was a way that he had met them and everything! It was just all too perfect. Lightning at first, and now fire. Soon, he will learn light as well, since he wanted to know a little bit more about his eyes and what they were able to do. Why he was able to refract light so well, and why he was able to see so well in the night could be answered. And in the process, he was able to look over towards the library and read the books about the Hyuga and the Senju. It was going to be a long and extensive research, but he might as well learn about those he considered to be his family.

Well, I gotta go home now! Thank you both for everything! The boy would exclaim back towards them with a smile on his face before dashing away oh so happily. The world seemed a lot more open now since fire brought him a new set of techniques to learn. A lot more responsibilities were placed on his back, but he worked very well under pressure. And soon, he was ready to learn the next thing the next day. Well, it was still early, maybe he could take a detour to the library and learn the importance of fire and how they have served well for ninja. There had to be more than just destruction athough that’s what it was known for. And hey, any way that would help him is one he was willing to take.

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PostSubject: Re: All of Kat's Elemental Training [Private/Solo]   Tue Dec 06, 2016 12:31 pm

Based on what he read, it turns out that fire is used to take down the abilities of what can one do physically. For example, if one was able to burn his muscles and tear them, he was going to be in a huge amount of trouble. Mainly because they are not going to be able to do things quickly since they lose both power and speed. It made things very useful to the ones who cast it out. However, with that being said, there are also those with Medical jutsus, which are designed to counter things that cause negative effects such as that. Without them, the only think that fire had was attack power, give or take what one will on that, but that did not seem like a very safe path. It was efficient to try to learn other elements other than fire. These were the words that Katsuo, the subject, did not pay attention to. He loved the fact that he can pretty much completely stop the movement of his enemies, meaning that they will be left in a helpless state where they are able to attack back. Press even further and they are unable to defend themselves. While this bondage idea did seem like a good idea, he would just put them out quickly. It would be unethical to torture them, making their lives a living hell as they just have their knees bent towards the ground, pretty much begging for mercy. Well, it was just better to put them to sleep. According to the academy though, it might be needed if they are dealing with someone that has the answers, but refuses to do it. And following the words of his teacher, the Akari was able to resist his morals in order to get a task done. It was just common sense.
Today he was going to be learning a different Fire Release, which was nice since he was beginning to expand on both his lightning and his fire jutsus. Soon, he would have a pretty decent mix of the two things before he would then learn a third one. Anything else he learned from the last time? Eh, nothing that is really worth noting in his opinion. Mainly that light can be refracted off of a crystal, or drops of water. That did give him a bit of inspiration to work on getting his third element, or fourth depending on which one came first. While he did not know if there was a good amount of it or not, he would be pretty interested in learning about water Jutsu. With water, he was able to counter those who want to use fire against him. However, it can be countered by those who use Earth. In response to that however, he can just use his lightning and take down those earth users. Only for that lightning to be countered by those who use wind. And that was where fire was. A beautiful huge fire can be made by him, it felt pretty amazing to have that at his palm. The basic elements would be his if he could learn how to use Water. Maybe that would be the better idea. Wind just did not interest him too much, and Earth did not really seem to have too much impact on areas that did not have too much gronud near him. However, he was going to have to do some research on water if he was going to choose it. The Akari learned the importance of being careful, since he only could learn a limited amount of things before he then would feel a bit light headed. As of currently, he felt like he had a huge amount of knowledge on him, and can only take in so much more.
I heard that this next fire technique was going to lower the enemies to ashes. That sounds beautiful! It most certainly did. Considering that was what fire was designed to do anyways. But this new technique did it pretty quickly, and most people with Chakra seem to be able to resist burns from flames somehow. And that being said, it seems like Chakra is the weaker version of the actual elements. For example, if someone were struck with a normal lightning bolt, they would suffer severe damage to the area struck and won't be recovering for a while. All while assuming that they even survive the bolt. However, with something like his own Chidori, it might as well not do anything towards an opponent since it seems to be able to inject 1000 lightning bolts into the body of a human and that human is not guaranteed to be dead. However, it does seem to have more force. How could this be explained? Not quite something to ask the child... On the plus side, he was able to look on the bright side of things and want to learn even more. Soon, he might be able to learn the S ranked ones. He did try that actually... That did not work too well. For one thing, while he did have the Chakra needed to learn them, he could feel his body shutting down since the power was taking over him. It seems like his body has not yet developed any form of resistance to the amount of power that those techniques held. There was even one in particular that seemed to be stronger than Chidori, having more effects and even the ability to break down the body upon impact, again, assuming the lightning does not kill them first actually. Maybe it was made out of real lightning in the first place, that might make his theory true.
This one was called the Great Fire Annihilation. It sounded like it had much power, though it seemed no different in power than any of the other A rank techniques that he learned in the past. With it, he was going to use one sign according to Takashi and Tekeshi. Looks like something to look forward to... Great. On the plus side, it did give him a new technique, and once the Chuunin exams come up, he will be ready for anyone that gets in his way. His goal was to get it on the first shot. Nothing else was acceptable but first place. That was why he was trying to get the new jutsus and make sure that he was in the best physical form that he could be in. Because one day, he might find himself in a battle over something that he really wants. And only one person can have it. The Akari was prideful and determined, almost as he is stubborn, and he was not going to let go of things quickly. His battle with Kyson, where he did not give in, but tried to outsmart him rather than overpower him, was a good example of his attempts in doing so. Giving in, for real anyways, was never something that he was going to settle for. It went against his morals and those who were relying on him. And i he did it, he might as well never be a Jounin.
They both finally arrived! That was not a new sight, him being the first before they came second. Mainly since he was the one learning the new things while they were the ones to teach him. It would be nice for them to be as excited, but he would not blame them if they did not share the same sort of excitement. On the plus side though, he did not really give them a hard time, so they did not seem to mind helping him out with the techniques. That was a great help since no other kids seemed to be around to do the same thing. The academy keeps saying sorry to him because there needed to be more Genin around his level in order for a team to be made. While that did suck, he could understand where they are coming from. It was not their fault, and so he would not give them a hard time, nor would he blame them for the lack. It kind of made him question the village though and the people in it. They seem to be sharing the mentality that “Others will do it for us.” It was no offense to them though, being a ninja was not easy, and so it would make sense for other people to not want to touch such a thing. All the weapons, all of the studying, all of the pain they would have to go through, all the trials, it would make sense. Maybe it was just him venting since he would like to work with others. Katsuo was a social child, one that loved to interact with others and make them feel happy as well as be happy around them. If the world were a happier place, some might say it would get boring. But with all of the sadness in it, he might as well try to create a boring world rather than one filled with pain and misery like there seems to be right now. That was not to say that everything was bad though, considering the fact that many people seem to have happy things. There was no such thing as good without bad, and bad without good. The goal was to make things happier, not actually happy. That would require quite a few things in order for him to even have any influence. First, an exam. Second… Er… An exam. What? It was true! Well, that was pretty much his rant, the twins seem ready to teach him some new things, and so he would listen to them.
The first one to talk was Takashi, who would place his hands on his hips as he then began to explain what the Jutsu was and why it would serve him well in the future, even though he pretty much knew this already. All right Katsuo! Today, you are going to be learning about the Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation. This is personally one of my favorites since it can do a few good things. To those who want to harm you with offense only, they get hit with this, and they are done. Looks like they were going to be talking about Glass Cannons. All right, they were designed to be broken anyways, and Katsuo was actually one in his opinion. That did not matter though, he continued to listen and let Takashi speak before putting in any of his information. To hit them, if they are low on health, this will instantly turn them to crisps, and bringing them back out alive is going to be a tough task for even the better of Medical ninjas. So be careful when using it if your goal is to bring someone alive. The man would explain. Katsuo would nod his head, understanding what would happen. There was a reason why the technique was named the way it was. But he would then tilt his head to the side. He said that it did many things, but only explained one thing. So tell me one thing. What else can it do? What would happen if they had a decent amount of health? What would happen to them then? The boy would ask, now curious. He wanted to learn everything in the things that he was doing. Information was valuable, because an opponent might try to use the same technique on him. And that was something that he could not allow to have happen to him, not without the ability to know how to cancel it out.
That is easy. They will have their muscles weakened and their physical strength and speed. Meaning that they will become slower and hit less. This will be very useful if you want to bring an opponent down to your size or even lower. Tekeshi would tell him. All right, so he was just a way to weaken an opponent. That could be useful to the boy actually, in case he wanted to overpower someone. There was a Lightning release ability that allowed him to amplify the abilities of his strength and speed. It would bring him pretty far if he was able to weaken opponents, creating a gap that will heavly slaughter an opponent's chances of beating him. And so it would be the better idea to listen to them and watch what they would do. But still, they said that it could do many things. That was currently two things, technically three actually. This is also used as a defensive tactic. Thi can be formed in the shape of a wall in front of you, so that projectiles are unable to get to you if you react fast enough. If they are thrown, they will definitely not be piercing through the wall for a long while, so you should be fine for a while. That sounded a lot better. He had an offensive, a defensive, and a debuffing little technique in one bundle. Now THIS was something that Katsuo was able to work with. His smile was brightened when those words hit his ears, and now he was excited to learn them.
Well, it was time to carry out the task as Takashi would then show him how to carry it out. The first and last sign of the technique was a Horse. And once he did that, he would breathe in one time before facing towards a different direction away from the both of them. Nice. And once he did that, he was going to look over towards the river. Now if he was going to make it burn, that would be an interesting sight. Then again, Katsuo was reminded of the previous time where he was trying to use the fireballs and control them so that they burn the water. But natural water was able to take down fire made from Chakra anytime, and he full well knew this, and so he will not get his hopes up too high. Once there was enough air in the lungs of the man, he would then exhale as a different shape than a sphere would be made, but a rectangle actually. It was a nice idea to just simple use a wall of fire to protect him. And it was a pretty decent size as well. But the flames also were a lot hotter than he would exct, considering how he is able to feel the heat from the distance he was at. Beads of sweat were going down his forehead from that point, which was amazing considering the jutsu was not designed to hurt him in the first place, showing that allies can be affected by the heat. That was actually pretty interesting, since enemies normally felt how hot it was while allies normally never feel it. So if this came in contact with an enemy of a low amount of health… Wow, the amount of damage that they would take would be rather high. It would be a better idea to not mess with this technique unless he needed. And to think that he would get a chance to use it during the Chuunin exams. On the plus side however, if he were to be tested on his survival and he needed to kill people, then this was useful. In all honesty, it was just better he kept this in his arsenal until he can confirm that lives were going to be lost. It was a sad fate that some were going to have to face, but it was there for a reason. And if they lost some ninja just to make some better, that was going to be a price that they were willing to pay. And unfortunate system, but it seems to have not let them down yet, and so there was no reason to question it now. Not until he found a solution to it. On the plus side, he knew that if he was able to get over blood, then he would not have a problem with seeing it from his own body and the bodies of other. It was good training, though it seems people have taken it a bit too far.
And so he would then have to mimic the trick that he had been shown. Pretty easy since it only required one hand sign and one area where he had to put the Chakra. Near his lungs. So he would then place his hands forward before placing them in the Horse position. After that, he would then look over towards Tekeshi to see if he was missing anything, since Katsuo wanted to believe that there were other things to it. But of course, he would just nod his head, meaning that the boy was doing it right before he would look back to the river to make a wall of fire. And so he would place his palms together before he would focus his energy towards his stomach, right around the area where his lungs would be. With that, he felt a burning sensation in the lungs, so it was best to get rid of the flames inside of him. So without a bit of worry, he’d take a deep exhale. Once he did that, the boy would keep the air within his lungs so that the air pressure would heavily ramp up. After that, he would breathe out heavily in order to let out the flames from his body with a smile let out after. A rectangle would be placed in front of him, a rectangle of fire. And it was just as hot as well, but he did not sweat since the heat did not seem to affect him. Seems like he got it done on the first try this time as well. That was both good and a little bit unfortunate. Still however, he was smiling when he noticed that he was pretty much almost done with this whole thing. And then a point in time will come when he will be learning some of the most powerful sorts of Jutsus, and this one could be a key to an even bigger one. Only time can tell. But for now, he was going to have to deal with this. Besides, why should he complain? Not too many Genin get to learn such versatile sorts of techniques like this? And so he would place his hands in his pockets before looking over towards the twins, who were watching the flames with smiles on their faces. He was able to impress them, as if this were difficult. In all honesty, he just did not get the importance and the impression that this was apparently suppoed to be a good result. As in, learning this was going to make him stronger. And while he did seem to have these thoughts, he would like to see the better things in life. This was probably the first time he had a Jutsu that can protect him from an attack, multiple times. How long it would stay up was anyone’s question, but it seemed to have a lot of effectiveness in battle. Why else would Takashi and Tekeshi teach it? They were experienced fighters, and so listening to them was the best thing that he could do. His knowledge on the world was only so small, but maybe he could change that. What if he dedicated his whole life into understanding the people who live on it and why they do the things they do? For this to happen however, he was going to have to learn a lot of lore. And lore turned out to be the hardest thing for him to understand since there was no if ands or buts about it. With this, he was going to have to understand things as is rather than have a creative mind. It was why he did not like the lore of many things since they expected him to learn things that were as is. Katsuo had a right sided brain, meaning that he was more into the arts and creative side of things rather than focusing on being organized and tidy. Maybe that was why he liked playing offensively and with some flashy colors and tricks up his sleeved. They often made him feel proud of himself and the accomplishements that he was able to achieve, and in his own style that said “Katsuo Akari” to the world. Katsuo Akari… That had a ring to it now doesn’t it? To have it become something. Maybe he could make a Jutsu, or maybe even just make one famous for something. A signature one. It sounded a little bit odd, but who knows? His ambition and creativity would lay him astray from the topic at hand, which was the real world now.

It was time for them to depart though, there was no more time to be here. He needed to go back to the library. There was a bit more information that he needed on fire and light. Mainly light, but fire was still a pretty cool topic. Now it made him wonder if he should try to go for wind. But after thinking a bit about it, that left him exposed to those who use water. And while the number of those who use that element may or may not be a few, he still wanted to be safe than sorry. It had some pretty interesting techniques in it anyways. His only options were water or earth in all honesty. On the plus side, he was going to get a choice between the two rather than be forced to do one. And the water one was a lot more interesting than he would expect. Too many elements though, and he needed to focus on only one at a time. If he wanted to get anywhere, he needed to focus on what was now, and worry about the future when the future was the present. So with this in mind, he would wave the twins a goodbye for now wave before running back towards the Sand Village. There was a new technique in his palms, and he wanted to use it carefully. It was sad how he was unable to use it to prank people, but now he does not really have the time to pull pranks anymore, as sad as it made him to say that, but it was just a smack in the face by the cruel mistress known as reality. It was fine though, the best pranks were played on the worst of enemies, and now he can use these things to pull traps and pranks on them only. It was a nice thought, being able to fight against them and have nothing to hold him back if they wanted his life. Those who would like to see him dead also run the rest of meeting that fate. And Katsuo, he was going to keep fighting, making sure to exit the world the way he came into it. Screaming and fighting. However, he has yet to take a mission. What was he doing? Should he not be doing that instead? Eh, it did not matter, as long as he was learning new things rather than trying to live on a handful of jutsus alone, then he should be fine. Besides, he now had a lot of things to use for those said missions. And then came the downfall… Where most of them would require him to have a team… And he did not have a team. There seems to be a flaw in the system, would someone like to fix it? Anyone? Oh well, Katsuo did not hold anything against a lack of the ninja. Besides, the world was open to see and for him to walk around. With permission from the village of course. Otherwise, he was just kind of stuck to the village and it’s knowledge only. How unfortunate…

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All of Kat's Elemental Training [Private/Solo]
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