Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Gen Sakamoto(Fin)

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Gen Sakamoto

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PostSubject: Gen Sakamoto(Fin)   Tue Dec 27, 2016 9:24 pm


Name: Gen Sakamoto
Nickname: N/A
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 4’10
Weight: 80 pounds
Appearance: They are a blue. It's her natural eye color. Her ears... are elf ears. She stands at around 4'10  and 80 pounds. She's light, as she tends not to focus on muscles, as much as staying thin. It's a rather bad habit of hers. She also has A-cup breasts, but... with those down, let's move on with more details.

Her normal skin is kind of smooth, although, not as smooth as most. Her skin is also not scarred, which is surprising considering her history. I know what you're thinking.

Her face itself is considered amazing looking by some, ugly by others. She has somewhat smoother skin, compared to the rest of her body. She has a small scar on her cheek from something that happened during her history.  Her nose is normal sized, not small or big compared to others. Her eyes are ones that might memorize some. Yep, they're pointed just like elf ears. This is unique to her as far as she knows.

Her hair is blonde. It's blonde and long, measuring at about a foot down into her back. Since it's this long, it's often put into two ponytails held by two red ribbons which measure about '4 each. Her hair is thin, and is in an excess which is not good for battle.  

This next paragraph is on how she often wears her hair. She has many styles in which she wears it, which is why this paragraph is being written. One of the ways, is her 2 pony tails as stated above, but she has... many ways she does her hair. One of which are actually using a ribbon, and tying it around her stomach so that her hair is tight to her back, so it doesn't get cut. Another is that she makes a really large pony tail rather than 2 pony tails. Another way she wears her hair, is she puts it in front of her shoulders rather than behind like it normally is. One way she rarely wears it in public, is when she wears the front of her hair over her eyes, and just lets the back go down. She wears it like this when going to sleep, or in her private quarters when on break. I could go on, but this is getting long as is.

Her legs are rather built, but not overly large. She trains them to be fast, not exactly strong. This doesn't mean that they aren't strong, but it means they aren't giant legs. Her thighs and calves are around the same size , and don't bulk out her legs an insane amount which is good. That is all on her legs, although, I should add that she has a weak spot on the back of her right calf. If you hit her there, her entire left leg buckles. Actually, if you touch her there, her left leg will buckle. This is due to something in her history.

Her clothes... she tends to wear a black vest over a white tank-top. She wears these as she can keep the red ribbon she has, which is a roll she tends to hold onto, and anything else she needs. She also tends to wear blue jeans. Unless training, in which she wears just the tank top, and a pair of tight pants. She, on rare occasions, wears the coat that she wore the day she left. It has... sentimental that come with it. She wears different things depending on the occasion.

Village: Yamigakure
Character Rank: Genin
Clan: N/A
Element: Wind
Personality: She was taught the need to stand up to, and for, people, at an early age. She learned at an early age that each person has potential and such. That’s why she came up with the ideal that you must bring the best out of every single person that you meet, whatever the best may be. She feels like you should teach kids respect and rules, which she did quite well. She is a bit stern around kids but it’s obvious that she cares. She cares more about kids than adults, as she’s fully willing to jump in front of a large group of men just to save one small child; Some might think she's over-exuberant at a constant rate,

There’s her stand on peace; eternal peace that is. It doesn’t exist. It can’t exist via human nature, it’s human nature to have conflict, most peoples lives are not complete until  met with conflict, to battle to fight, is an extension to that of which was just mentioned. It can’t be said, however, that she dislikes peace. She likes peace as long as she’s included in it. She aspires to go down a hero, but for the sake of peace, she'd be willing to go down like a villain.

Character History: Gen, by all means, could be considered an innocent little child who has no right to be a ninja due to the lack of death and dismemberment in her background, but it's not looking like she'll quit even with that impending threat that seems to plague most ninja. To be fair, ninja always have a bloody start. Especially the best ninja, looking back.  All the best ninja have tragedy, and just terrible lives. They become a hero through triumph, and make themselves a better person. That’s not Gen. Gen, by all means, has been spoiled. She was given most, if not everything, she wanted from a young age. She even had a butler. This meant she didn't have to do much herself.She, quite literally, had no reason to train her strength. Even since she was three, her butler did anything and everything that she needed done. Had to get food? Butler. Butler did everything. Butler fought all her battles, including those in which she had to eat.

However. Her first, and only one of two 'conflicts' in life came when she was 13. This small problem came when she was at the academy. News came to her that her butler was on his death bed, and she was excused from the school for the day, to go visit the ailing butler. The butler was edging on 90, having gotten Gen in his late seventies. She arrived, and was ready to cry. However, her butler put his hand on her head, smiling.

"It's okay, Gen. I'm not going to baby you, not anymore. I'm not going to survive, I'm dying of old age and health complications. I'm amazed an old man like me has lasted this long. My death is not a painful one, or a sad one. I don't wish for you to be sad. Be happy. I'll finally get to get that nice rest we've been chatting about. I just hope I don't inspire any tirade about wanting to be able to stop death over me. I'm just getting that final rest. I'm dying. The longest sort of rest."

This led her to wanting to quit being a ninja, but a peculiar man in an awful looking trench coat stopped this by saying a few words.

"I hate to see people give up. You should always continue, even if you're sad. Trust me. I've been sad a good few times before, but since I never let that get me down, I did just fine.

She graduated the academy with flying colors.

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PostSubject: Re: Gen Sakamoto(Fin)   Tue Dec 27, 2016 11:56 pm

Enjoy the Revolution

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Gen Sakamoto(Fin)
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