Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 the meeting of a squad(Private/Apollo and Ashi}

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Gen Sakamoto

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PostSubject: the meeting of a squad(Private/Apollo and Ashi}   Sun Jan 08, 2017 1:48 am

Tetsuya was told that he was going to be a sensei. He was fine with this, after all, years of bounty hunting lead to various problems if he had continued until he died. This was the noble cause he wanted to put his efforts towards now, teaching these new kids how to be ninja. There weren't many people better then him to teach. Even without first gate, he was pretty sure he could handle quite a few people without making much of an effort, if he had to be pained. He didn't mind much, though. He had basically accepted that he had the strength of ten people, and would use it whenever. His clothing was nicely fit, and he had a pleasant look his face for the time being. He was ready.


Gen Sakamoto was a happy child, no is, a happy child. Humming a song as she skipped along, like she was doing today, was not unusual. Wearing fancy clothing because of her rich heritage was also happening today. Her long hair was tied with the ribbon like always, and she was just an immensely happy child compared to most. She was blissfully unaware that most ninja had sad stories, as if she did, she'd probably feel out of place. That didn't matter as she skipped her way into the arena, into the place that she'd meet her sensei, who was a mystery to her. Except for one thing.

She had met him before. This was the guy who she had to owe her current postion for, however she tried to hide that she knew him so that he didn’t know he was already up there in her liking chart.

149/300 words for d rank mission

Name: The Bell Test
Location: Training Grounds (Any Village)
Rank: D
Team: Required
Client: Sensei
Rewards: 5,000 Ryo, No EXP
Description: The bell test is a form of examination that is given to Academy Students who have managed to graduate from the Academy. The Jounin who has been assigned to test out the three-man cell will use this test to determine whether the three students are worthy of being officially promoted into Genin, sent back to the Academy for further training, or even dropped from the program altogether for overly poor performance

The test is for the each student to take one of the two bells from their to-be teacher within a set time limit in order to pass. Since there are three students, it would seem that one of them will be sent back to the Academy no matter what. This, however, is a ruse to test out whether the three can work as a team: if they ignore the fact that only two bells are available and be willing to work together, they might have enough skills to take the bells, and be allowed to pass. Because the Jounin is usually too strong for the Genin to beat in any way, shape, or form, the true test is the Genin's ability to work as a team and as such, the Jounin has to give them just enough allowance so they can't obtain the bell without teamwork.

If the team manages to succeed in working together, each member of the new team will get a 5,000 Ryo payout from the Village for new equipment. If they fail, there's the chance that they may have to go back to school.
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Ashi Inuzuka

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PostSubject: Re: the meeting of a squad(Private/Apollo and Ashi}   Sun Jan 08, 2017 9:51 pm

Ashi walked into the training location assigned, not sure if he'd be particularly happy about who he'd be teamed up with, his hair looked normal, the only thing different about his appearance was that his jacket was off and his netted shirt was exposed, showing his scarred arms. A foot beside him Ao walked along, his mouth turned into a natural smile and he had Ashi's jacket wrapped around his torso and tied, covering his tail and legs down to his paws. As Ashi walked into he training ground he noticed two people. One was the infamous Tetsuya Murakami, the other he had never seen before. She had nothing notable about her features besides that she obviously came from wealth and she was extremely small. Ashi was glad that he had a recognizable sensei so that they'd at least get decent training. He wasn't thrilled about his other team members yet though. 
WC: 160/300
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PostSubject: Re: the meeting of a squad(Private/Apollo and Ashi}   Sun Jan 08, 2017 10:10 pm

Apollo had been told by he cousins that for the first time and a while he would be surrounded by other people. These particular people were eventually going to be his teammates in a what will ve a three man team capable of handling missions together as a well as teaching him the basics of teamwork and friendship. Apollo himself had been disgusted with the idea he didnt want anything to do with what this potential group was going to offer he only needed to get stronger to protect his loved ones. Not babysit some strangers he had not known. In any case he would have to participate in the activity anyway. His cousin would surely beat him to a pulp if he didnt handle the situation correctly.

He was to meet with two others at an already set location to meet with a sensei or a person who was going to be teaching them. Arriving last dressed in his black and vanilla outfit and traditional feathers and raccoon tail tied to the nape of his neck the young man would arrive speechless with an face that displayed just how annoyed he was at the entire situation. Having not been from the village he had not known anyone who stoof infront of him not even the man who was to be there sensei. Keeping quite Apollo would stand a good distance from everyone not caring to interact unless it was one hundred percent necessary.

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PostSubject: Re: the meeting of a squad(Private/Apollo and Ashi}   

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the meeting of a squad(Private/Apollo and Ashi}
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