Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Become Better Than Tomorrow [Private/Training]

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PostSubject: Become Better Than Tomorrow [Private/Training]   Thu Feb 02, 2017 5:51 pm

Mugetsu just a mere couple of days ago having mastered the Fission Technique had noticed several weaknesses of that technique that shows why i fails to be just a good as the original. The Fission clone was not only slower and weaker than the original in every way but it also did not have access to the full abilities of Mugetsu's Heikigan while the original himself was using it. Mugetsu needed to find a way to compensate for the clones weaknesses but also make she he himself doesn't lose of give up the chance for personal development. Out of the limited and rather difficult methods to achieve this goal the only thing that managed to stand out was to learn Sage Mode. Sage Mode would not only give the Red Eyed Phantom access to greater strength for his Fission, but along with it the ability to tap into powerful Senjutsu.

He knew that learn sage mode would be no easy task and if he messed up just a little it would result in his death. This time Mugetsu remained in the village of Yamigakure for training. Figuring that his previously destroyed clan grounds would be the perfect place to learn and master Sage Mode without interruption would work perfectly. First the Phantom would sit in the middle of an open area of his destroyed clan ground as he entered a cross leg state in a attempt to gather Senjutsu to tap into Sage Mode. Gathering the Natural Energy of the world into his body he would began to feel a weird event in his body. It would seem that his tailed beast, the five tails would began reacting to the certain boost of Senjutsu Chakra, it would seem that the beast had intended to give Mugetsu further difficulty while learning. Attempting to block the Gobi out and focus Mugetsu would return to gathering the senjutsu chakra. This alone would take a whole day to master and upon the twenty four hour mark, Mugetsu would finally be able to tap until the base for of Sage Mode otherwise known as the D Rank Sage Mode.

TWC: 353

WC: 300/300 (Mastered D Rank Non Summoning Sage Mode)

WC: 53/500
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Posts : 92
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PostSubject: Re: Become Better Than Tomorrow [Private/Training]   Mon Feb 06, 2017 4:36 pm

Upon tapping into that first stage of the glorious Sage Mode, Mugetsu could feel the slight change in chakra, he felt connected to the world, he felt the energy's could sense further and even felt stronger and this was only the tip of the ice berg. But this was not enough for him at least for this very situation. Before attempting to go further in Sage Mode he needed to adjust to this one. Using the Fission Technique to summon a clone of himself he would spar with the clone for what seemed like days. While it took much longer for his body to adjust to this new power because this particular method of accessing Sage Mode, was much harder to learn than its summoning required counterpart. It was honestly amazing how the Fission counterpart still somehow managed to hold his own ground despite the drop in strength and the originals slight boost in strength. This meant that even Sage Mode of the lowest rank was only a small boost. There needed to be more power to accompany the lack there of with the clone. Allowing the Fission Clone to rest and gather its strength again, the original Mugetsu would go back to the Senjutsu gathering form. He needed to reach the next level and after training in his current state for several days he had not felt he was ready to take that next step. Gathering Senjutsu chakra once again Mugetsu had to be careful just to take in the perfect amount.

Focusing his mind, body, spirit, and somehow simultaneously combining with nature, Mugetsu at this particular moment felt as if he was in a state of pure bliss this had been the calmest in his life he had ever been and yet he felt he could still reach even further to obtain the ultimate level of bliss. The hardest part about maintain this state was the exhausting focus and concentration needed to tap into this power, if Mugetsu had messed up even the slightest bit he would not be able to survive this process. Feeling the power raise in his body once again this was the part that needed the most focus if he allowed the natural energy to build up to much he would turn into stone indefinitely. Oddly enough the trade mark Sage Mode markings would no appear one his face. The most noticeable of the markings were these two sets of three black cat whisker like markings on each check as a thick red mark appeared across his ears reaching as far as his ears to his eyes. This would finally signaled that the Phantom had tapped into the next stage. The difference in power was stunning even more so the the first stag, this boost would almost be enough to catch up with the original version if the fission used it. But it was just not quite there yet but this was certainly a great start. Preparing to spar against the Fission clone again Mugetsu would stand from his meditation form feeling renewed once again.

TWC: 834

WC: 500/500 (Mastered C Rank Sage Mode)

WC: 64/750
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Become Better Than Tomorrow [Private/Training]
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