Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Mag Sage training done

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PostSubject: Mag Sage training done   Mon Mar 06, 2017 10:47 pm

Magunasu had one objective, one mission. He was going to learn Sage Mode. He had heard of a prodigy, one who had learned it at the age of 10, and was just a generally terrifying ninja. He heard that the man had lived out in the area way out by the minor countries, although still within Yami jurisdiction. He had lost practically everything. Mugetsu was dead, Sarada was dead, hell, the entire clan was dead. He had to leave the imprint of his clan on the world, and the only way to do that was getting stronger.

He had everything that he needed to get stronger, but no. It wasn’t enough. Obviously, since he had survived, he was just a lucky son of a gun. It’s not that he was stronger, no, he was just lucky. That’s what he was thinking. In the face of everything, he might as well become a genin. That’s how useful he was. He let his emotions take control, and that ended up ruining any chance he had of helping Mu survive.

Magunasu had to get stronger. He absolutely had to. He had arrived to a wooden home, the wood, a fine and dusted brown, was obviously solid. The man he was seeking had to be inside, right? Yeah. Had to. If not, he came all this way for nothing. He had the mans name, and that was it.

“Eckhart! Are you here?”

A white-haired man, who couldn’t be that much older than Magunasu, walked out the front door. This had Magunasu confused faster than he had when that black flame he now used appeared on his arm.

“You’re Eckhart?’

The white-haired man, now known as Eckhart, nodded his head and was just staring at Magunasu. Expecting some explanation as to why he was here.

“I heard you were a master at Senjutsu… I need to learn it. My entire clan died because I wasn’t strong enough. I can’t let that happen to anyone else. I have to be strong enough to save everyone else and keep the village safe. Surely, you understand?”

Eckhart motioned for him to come in, and they sat down in two chairs. It was different from home. That was an air of suspense.

“It’s not a matter of understanding. It’s not even a matter of why you’re learning. Or if you’re worth it. It’s obvious you want to learn how to use Senjutsu. I am, in fact, a master. This is just a simple matter of me being good from birth. You. You are not a prodigy, that much is obvious. You have potential, but it’s obvious, even to me, that you never attempted to harness that. You had something else to carry you here, didn’t you?”

The stare made Magunasu shift. He had to answer honestly.

“I’m a master swordsman, but that’s no longer enough. I’m also a master at Space-Time ninjutsu, but that’s not enough. I’m not sure what will be enough. It must be that I’m duller than a dullard.”

A laugh, seemingly carefree, came from Eckhart. It was strange. It was as if he didn’t care, but Magunasu just couldn’t place it.

“Simple. You just aren’t using your abilities to the best of your ability. From what you’ve described to me, it’s a simple fact that you aren’t using your skills to your maximum, and I find that to be in terrible form. I’m going to help you fix this. I’m not doing this out of the kindness of my own heart. I know what happened there, as I do have my informants. I’m not going to go back, but I’m going to try to make you at least strong enough to defend yourself against the big bads; but first take a nap.”

He led Magaunasu to a room to take a nap, and Magunasu fell right asleep. It wasn’t a fruitful sleep, but it was a sleep none-the-less.


[b]Day 1

He woke up in a sweat, and heard fire going on in the room over. It took all his effort to not spring up and stab something. He wiped his forehead, and got up and left to meet the sage. He sat down at the table, and sat. Rice was placed in front of him, in a bowl. It simmered with the water under it. He was given the proper utensil to eat it, and Eckhart sat across from him.

“More than anything, we start with a good meal. Next, we see what you can do. I’d normally suggest a non-summoning type, since you could probably do that, but you wouldn’t benifit from it. Summoning is probably the best type for you; as although it lowers your total strength boost, you’d still get stuck with the human limit. That’s what I’ve learned. No matter who you are, you run into the human limit. The human limit is certainly a pain. That’s why it’s rough to be a master at Senjutsu, as you get hurt by the human limit.” Eckhart spoke with a care. It was obvious he had significant experience with this whole thing, and knew that he hit the human limit constantly.

Eckhart would eat some of his rice before continuing.

“Hurt isn’t such a literal term this time around. It’s a simple matter that you can no longer get the full effect of Sage Mode, especially if you go non-summoning route.  I can assist you with all this. You’re quite possibly stronger than me, if only you’d actually use your power properly.  I know that it’s something that you don’t do often, and If I had to wager a guess, it’s because you were stuck with your expert swordsmanship from a young age. It carried you, skill-wise, through the years, but suddenly, it’s not enough? I’m not the most perceptive, but it’s obvious to even me that on top of years of physical training, you underwent constant sparring, strengthing specific muscles more than you had others. It’s not usually done the way you did it, but I guess that it isn’t that insane. It’s the way to make a physically terrifying ninja.”

The two finished the food after that analysis. Eckhart waved Magunasu into the back-yard, which turned out to be a massive training area. Filled with wooden dummies of various size and detail, and depicting either gender. Mag had only brought his Kimono, so he was fitted with a bulky pair of pants and a baggy shirt. Something he never wore. It was obvious that he wasn’t comfortable wearing the bulky and baggy clothing, but he agreed anyway. Eckhart couldn’t be stupid and also be a prodigy with Senjutsu.

Eckhart signiled to one of the larger dummies and stated a simple fact. “Cut this. Cut it and get it over with, right? Make sure that, if it were a real person, it couldn’t get up.”

Magunasu nodded and summoned his spirit weapon. He had a simple way to do this, and that’s what he figured that Eckhart wanted. Eckhart wanted to see his skills in action.

Mag stepped forward, and with expert speed and skill, stabbed the dummy in the chest, neck and then in the knee, making sure it’d not have gotten up even if it survived the neck and the chest. A leg injury was the worse thing possible. If he injured his leg, he’d probably hang up his boots. His combat style was too based on speed and strength, often based from the legs.

This is a fact he held close in heart when fighting. He wouldn’t be stupid and not take a chance just because his leg could get hurt, but it was a dangerous business. Really, it was. This wasn’t anything that just anyone could do without proper training. He had to train to perfect this. He, beyond everything, knew his strengths and weaknesses. Eckhart sighed. This wasn’t getting either of them anywhere.

“I… well. I guess this explains one of your largest problems as a ninja. You don’t have the mindset to be a sage, at least, not a proper one. You’re an assassin. Being an assassin with sage mode isn’t that terrible, but you certainly aren’t connected to nature. Emotionally? You have to be calm. This isn’t a thing you can rush. It takes a few days, even with your sheer amount of potential. I’m sorry, but to get strong, you have to wait a little while. I learned that the hard way. You learn you can get strong, and you go after it. You grab and tear at strands of power, till you’re strong. But what happens then? I’m going to get you strong, undoubtedly, but I’m gonna have to have you a summon I know that doesn’t have a contract.”

“No. There was something else. The non-summoning sort. You say I’d hit the human limit, I disagree. I, as a matter of fact, am a heap of waster potential that, beyond everything, is still there. I wish for you to teach me on exactly how I can go about learning the non-summoning sage mode.”

Eckhart raised his eyebrow, before walking Magunasu towards a ring. The two got in, and Eckhart simply spoke that they were to fight to truly figure out the potential and skill that Mag had. That was fine with Mag. Once in the ring, Eckhart entered Sage mode while Magunasu used his space time to make, what was very high speed, much more manageable.

He had to admit, Eckhart was skilled. However, there was one massive hole in Eckhart’s skill. Eckhart, contrary to his power, lacked the combat experience that Magunasu did. That meant each thrust, elbow and kick that went into the fight, was measured.  Every last kick or punch was him laying down the bricks for the end of the fight, and as his space-time was wearing off, he finished the swift match with a massive elbow to the nose of Eckhart.

The aftermath of the fight was far more simple. It made Eckhart realize that Magunasu might, in the end, be able to learn the other, harder type of sage training. Not that it made it any easier to learn for Magunasu. It was, by and large, far more difficult to learn. Magunasu knew that, but wasn’t sure he cared. It was new, and it’d make him stronger. The two most important things in Mag’s life, one long-standing, the other one important now that all of his clan was dead and he was one of the few left, if not the only one left. The Hekigan had to live on, and it was in this guy? Oh fate, you cruel mistress.

This, realistically, was the end of his training with Eckhart. Make no mistake, he still learns Sage Mode, however… it’s a bit different.

The training itself was finished after the fight, and Magunasu had the rest of the day off.  However, with that rest of the day, many things happened. Including Magunasu’s teacher getting killed, and him getting woken up to have a ‘plesant conversation’ with a boy.

“Magunasu~ You’re still alive~”  

Magunasu had fallen asleep an hour before this… well, boy happened to be here, and it looked awfully familiar. That wasn’t something he liked. Things looking like things he lost seemed to happen a lot, and he wouldn’t be surprised if it continued to happen whenever he got back to Yami. After all, that would be his luck.

“Magunasu~ It’s me~ Fusa~”

Mag blinked at the statement. Either this was a fucked up joke, or this was actually his childhood friend back from the dead. There was most certainly something wrong here. Something that, beyond anything, was a fucked up joke on fates side.

“No. It isn’t. He’s dead. You’re some fucked up imposter,”

“No I’m not~ Magunasu~ Remember~ We totally kissed~”

Magunasu belted out a laugh. This basically had to be the real one, and that real one knew that it was a complete mistake and they just feel bad. That, however, didn’t make anything less absurd.

“We took a fall and i accidentally landed on you, kissing you. Don’t make this into something it isn’t.”

Magunasu finally sat up and looked somewhat proper. He, according to most, was an exotic good that had to be protected. Magunasu thought of himself as a warrior, one that enjoyed new experiences. Life was something to be held with consideration, not to be dumped to the side of the road because they weren’t useful anymore. If that was how one would treat people, one might as well be treated like that themselves.

That, however, was off topic as Magunasu instinctively dodged a open-palm attempting to collide with his head. He looked to the right of his head and saw Fusazane’s fist, open, where his head used to be. He wasn’t going to die while in conversation with an old friend. He used his arm strength to kick out his legs and nail Fusazane in the stomach with a mule kick, before getting up and getting a proper defensive stance.

Fusazane charged, and Magunasu backed up; Fusazane moved to the left, Magunasu moved to the right. They both knew exactly what they were doing. They were measuring up their opponent. Neither found any particular weaknesses. Magunasu had the exact opposite problem of Fusazane, in that one had been up for two days, and the other had been woken up and had experienced that part of their life was a lie. So, overall, a lot of it was a lack luster defense mixed with good offense.

It was Magunasu who moved first, charging in and attempting to nail Fusazane with an elbow, who simply parried it off. Fusazane was too good to just fall on his ass after an elbow. That was a problem when it came down to it. Fusazane was just too good at what he did to straight up lose to Magunasu. That would have to wait, however, as Fusazane stopped combat after roughly 20 minutes.

“Magunasu~ We need to get your sage training going. I know a viper who lives around here. He’s immensely powerful and is absolutely terrifying”

Magunasu, tired already, decided that he’d follow his childhood friend. If this was a trap to kill him, he wouldn’t care. He was the last Noblord left, and if he died in a trap, he really wouldn’t care. If this is how the god wanted him to die, so be it. He’d die fighting, at least. If this was just a ploy, that’d be fine. He wouldn’t care.

Why should he? He hasn’t gotten anything from the world lately. He even had an especially challenging day. It was immensely hard not t off himself when his bother and family died, and when he had to fight a bijuu and watch it get oneshot by someone. That’s what sucked. That’s why he was here.

If the risk was falling into a trap, he’d have to fall into the trap to see if he could become stronger.

He followed Fusazane from the compound, down a way and into a cave. This cave was damp but very well lit. That was fine, if they wanted to kill him, they could do it when he could see and fighter back. Sure, it wasn’t the smartest, but it was the most honor he had seen in the longest time. That… was kind of sad now that Magunasu thought about it.

Once inside, the cave, he fell upon a snake; a viper more properly. It’s golden scales, it was a truly majestic snake.  It slithered towards up and seemingly stood up, though it wasn’t true standing.

“You are the Viper named Erak, yes?”

“Yes. I’ve been told that you wish to tap into my power with sage mode?”

Magunasu nodded. It was simple enough. He wasn’t here to lie. He wanted the power of the snake ot protect the village.

He sat in front of the snake and meditated while talking to the snake.

The snake and him had wonderful, deep conversations that often lasted for hours on end. Even Fusazane joined in on them. They were great fun and he was always up for anther one whenever time was allowing. When he wasn't completely out of energy or completely dead inside. That second part was far harder to meet than he's proud of, but that might be because he's a dickhead who only thought oh himself while learning sage mode, even if it was under a false pretense of wanting to protect everyone else.

Magaunasu is a selfish prick who wants to experience life, yet he's gearing himself up to never leave the village. He was gearing up to get strong enough to protect the people in the village, the people he cared about. Well, care was a longshot with how Magunasu currently felt about life and all things included, but that would likely change when it came down to the end. Once he could finish learning sage mode, he'd finally be able to do something he never could do before. He could help save the village. Something he wished he had the strength to do so before.

He could take out the bijuu that threaten, he could kill anything that stood in his way.

Almost anything.

There was some who he wasn't entirely sure about defeating, but that was only because those people were gods among men. Magunasu was just a talented jester if he were to label himself.

His fluid, dance-like moves earned him his name.

However, that name would be brought to a whole new level when it came down to it. It'd be absolutely insane what he could do once trained. That, after all, was the entire reason he was training.

This lasted for the rest of the weeks he was supposed to be out.

Once he left, he returned to the village, if not for a small moment, to give Goken a note of sorts to tell him that he needed to be gone for a little while longer.
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Mag Sage training done
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