Ninja Revolution: The Dawn of Shinobi

Set in an alternate timeline about 100 years after the death of the Sage of Six paths.
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 Black Sigil Armor[SS]

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Missing-Nin (A)
Missing-Nin (A)

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PostSubject: Black Sigil Armor[SS]   Sat Mar 04, 2017 8:58 pm

Name: Erebus
Type: Armor
Custom/Canon: Custom
Rank: SS
Material: Forged from the souls of the Dullahan, the Sage's fragmented treasure & the Dullahan's Meiton diamonds

  • Madness(Major): The signature ability of Erebus. Due to some unknown properties and the infusion of her clansmen's souls with the Sage's fragmented treasure, the armor possesses an unparralelled ability to seize control over non-sentient & semi-sentient objects. This control is absolute but may not control fully sentient living beings. The factor for control is physical touch: whatever object comes into contct with the armor(aside from intangible) becomes bound by a red sigil with black smoke upon the object's surface. Once bound to the armor's will, the object acts as an extension of Rei herself and allows her the ability to control both the object and any abilities or special properties associated with it. In addition, once branded, this sigil can be passed through contact but looses control to the previous object once transferred. Possessed objects which wound enemies emit a pulse of madness which acts similar to black chakra recievers, dampening the target's ability to mold chakra, preventing them from using jutsu so long as the object being possessed is touching them.
  • Shometsu(Major): Shometsu is a tandem ability through the use of Senjutsu chakra in which requires the wearer of the armor to have Grandmaster Sage Mode. Once this is achieved, the armor reverses the effects of Senjutsu chakra. Instead of the "Nature" form of chakra enhancement, Shometsu takes root as "Ruination" chakra. Sage techniques change to add a ruination factor instead of enhancing the power of jutsu. This ruination's effect is an advanced negative effect of Senjutsu chakra: instead of petrifying, Shometsu causes whatever is struck by Shometsu techniques to deteriorate into petrified degradation. Such as petrifying a body where the body crumbles into dust. Shometsu is not limited to living beings however, as it can also effect objects and tangible jutsu. The only counter to Shometsu, is natural Senjutsu chakra. Not variants. To counter Shometsu's effect, one must pay equal Senjutsu chakra to the cost of the technique used on them.
  • Symbiosis(Major): Erebus, having adapted to Rei's body while yet being an armor has fuse her body with the armor. The armor itself is linked together by the Meiton diamonds of her clansmen: thus granting her a boost of +50Durability and the use of Meiton from any part of her body.
  • Transformation(Medium): By supplying chakra to the armor, additional weapons and objects can be formed from the chakra and solidified. These creations only last for the duration of the thread, but the power and durability of the creations are equal in rank to the amount of chakra paid. Such as D Rank chakra could make a D Rank weapon, while SS Rank chakra could make a SS Rank weapon. Individually these creations possess no special qualities or abilities aside from shared abilities of the armor itself. The appearance of these weapons are an unnatural black color and possess no visibl markings: as though the weapons are manifested darkness.
  • Sentience(Medium):+30 Perception. Erebus the armor as a sentient symbiot graft onto Rei's body allows her improved perception. Acting as a second conscious, the armor makes her more aware through maddening whispers. In addition, if Rei is rendered unconscious, the armor can control her body like a puppet until consciousness is regained.

Cost: 8,000ryo
Requirements: Dullahan bloodline, slayed entire clan, receive Sage's treasure fragments
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PostSubject: Re: Black Sigil Armor[SS]   Sun Mar 05, 2017 10:30 am

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Black Sigil Armor[SS]
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